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  1. recapitulate
  2. Denizen
  3. abate
  4. deference
  5. paragon
  1. a (n.) a model of excellence or perfection
    S: exemplar, ideal, paradigm, model, good example
  2. b an inhabitant, a resident; one who frequents a place.
    SYN: resident, dweller.
  3. c (v.) to make less in amount, degree, etc.; to subside, become less; to nullify; to deduct, omit
    Syn: Diminish, decrease, subside, let up
  4. d (v.) to review a series of facts; to sum up
    Syn: review, summarize, sum up, go over
  5. e courteous yielding to the wishes and ideas of another person; great respect marked by submission, as to a superior
    S: Respect; Consideration; Coutesy

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  1. the act of restoring someone or something to the rightful owner or to a former state or position; making good on a loss or damage
    syn. compensation, reimbursement, redress, restoration
  2. (adj.) open to; easily influenced; lacking in resistance
    Synonyms: vulnerable, receptive, impressionable
  3. (adj.) subordinate in capacity or role; submissively obedient; serving to promote some end
    Synonyms: secondary, servile, useful
  4. (adj.) capable of being touched or felt; easily seen, heard, or recognized
    SYN: tangible, plain, obvious, manifest
  5. (adj.) poorly dressed, shabby; lacking smartness and good taste.
    SYN: Flushed, ruddy, flowery, frilly, flamboyant

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  1. curtailto cut short, bring to a halt or end sooner than expected; to reduce
    S: Limit; Abbreviate; Abridge; Contract
    A: Protract; Extend


  2. beneficentperforming acts of kindness or charity; conferring benefits doing good
    Syn: humanitarian, magnanimous, charitable


  3. sadisticdelighting in cruelty, excessively cruel
    s. brutal, vicious, inhuman, fiendish


  4. beratestubborn, unyielding
    s. obstinate, adamant


  5. imperious(adj.) Overbearing, arrogant; seeking to dominate; pressing, compelling
    Syn. domineering, magisterial, urgent, imperative


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