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  1. palpable
  2. discursive
  3. jejune
  4. covert
  5. satiate
  1. a (adj.) capable of being touched or felt; easily seen, heard, or recognized
    SYN: tangible, plain, obvious, manifest
  2. b (adj.) hidden, disguised, purposefully kept secret; sheltered, secluded; (n.) a sheltered place, a hiding place
    Syn. undercover, clandestine, sub-rosa
  3. c (v.) to satisfy completely; to fill to excess; (adj.) full, satisfied
    SYN: gratify, cloy, surfeit, gorge
  4. d (adj.) passing aimlessly from one place or subject to another, rambling, roving, nomadic
    SYN: Digressive, diffuse, wandering, episodic
  5. e lacking in nutritive value; lacking in interest or substance; immature, juvenile
    s. vapid, insipid, puerile, childish

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  1. to scold sharply
    s. chide, rebuke, reprove, reprimand
  2. suitable or convient for a particular purpose; occuring at an appropriate time
    syn: timely, appropriate, felicitous
  3. adj. unquestionable, beyond dispute
    syn: incontestable, indisputable, indubitable
  4. deeply unhappy or dejected; without hope. beyond consolation
    syn: grief- stricken, inconsolable, comfortless
  5. needed, necessary, regarded as essential or indispensable

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  1. AmenableWilling to follow advice or authority, tractable, submissive; responsive; liable to be held responsible
    S:agreeable, complaint, docile


  2. equivocate(v.) to speak or act in a way that allows for more than one interpretation; to be deliberately vague or ambiguous
    Syn: to talk out of both sides of one's mouth, palter hedge


  3. nonplussedpuzzled, not knowing what to do, at a loss
    syn: perplexed, baffled, stumped, flabbergasted


  4. cupidity(n.) calmness, composure, refusal to panic
    Syn. tranquility, imperturbability


  5. winsome(n.) the essential part, main point, or essence
    Syn. substance, core, nucleus


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