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  1. obdurate
  2. recapitulate
  3. beneficent
  4. vulnerable
  5. inconsequential
  1. a trifling, unimportant
    syn. trivial, negligible, petty, paltry
  2. b (v.) to review a series of facts; to sum up
    Syn: review, summarize, sum up, go over
  3. c (adj.) open to attack; capable of being wounded or damaged; unprotected
    syn. defenseless, exposed, unguarded
  4. d stubborn, unyielding
    s. obstinate, adamant
  5. e performing acts of kindness or charity; conferring benefits doing good
    Syn: humanitarian, magnanimous, charitable

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. excessively and objectionably sentimental; having a mildly sickening flavor
    S: none
  2. (v.) to speak or act in a way that allows for more than one interpretation; to be deliberately vague or ambiguous
    Syn: to talk out of both sides of one's mouth, palter hedge
  3. (adj.) harmful, injurious
    S: detrimental, destructive, pernicious, damaging
  4. adj. noisy is a coarse, offensive way; obvious or conspicious, especially in an unfavorable sense
    syn: flagrant, glaring, egregious, disagreeably loud
  5. showing no feeling or emotion; inanimate; motionless
    syn: emotionless, stoical, unemotional, insensible

5 True/False Questions

  1. dispassionate(adj.) impartial; calm, free from emotion
    Synonyms: unbiased, disinterested, cool, detached


  2. deferenceto lower in character, quality, or value; to degrade, adulterate; to cause to deteriorate
    syn. cheapen, corrupt, demean, depreciate


  3. sadistic(adj.) dull, lacking in distinction and originality; matter-of-fact, straightforward; characteristic of prose, not poetic
    S: commonplace, humdrum, literal, pedestrian


  4. specious(adj.) Overbearing, arrogant; seeking to dominate; pressing, compelling
    Syn. domineering, magisterial, urgent, imperative


  5. jejune(n.) a state or scene of uproar and confusion
    Syn. commotion, pandemonium, chaos, anarchy


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