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  1. States' Rights
  2. Alien Act
  3. Washington, DC
  4. New York
  5. Protective
  1. a Tariff to protect American industry
  2. b Allowed the President to imprison aliens, or send those he considered dangerous out of the country
  3. c Nation's first capital city
  4. d
    Capital of the U.S.
  5. e Right of states to limit the power of the federal government

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  1. Induct into an office with suitable ceremony; dedicate ceremoniously; observe formally the beginning of; to swear a public official into office
  2. Interpretation of the Constitution favored by the Federalists
  3. Federalist candidate for VP in 1796
  4. Attacked by Washington in his Farewell Address

  5. Fort Knox (in the great state of KY), home of America's gold, named after him; chief of artillery for the Continental Army during the American Revolution; the nation's first Secretary of War

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  1. PotomacRiver that flows through DC


  2. Fallen Timbers
    Battle fought in Ohio where Anthony Wayne defeated over 1,000 Native Americans


  3. Sedition ActActivities aimed at rebellion against the government or weakening the established government


  4. Martha Washington
    Country's 1st President


  5. Thomas Jefferson
    1st Secretary of State; leader of the Democratic Republicans; country's third President


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