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  1. KY & VA Resolutions
  2. Charles Pinckney
  3. Pinckney
  4. Privateer
  5. France
  1. a Foreign country favored by Democratic-Republicans; went to war against Britain in 1793
  2. b
    Privately owned warship commissioned to prey on the commercial shipping or warships of an enemy nation
  3. c Treaty with Spain which gave Americans free navigation of the Mississippi River and the right of deposit at New Orleans
  4. d Federalist candidate for VP in 1796
  5. e Documents written by Jefferson and Madison that put forth the idea of states' rights

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  1. Cancel; legally overturn
  2. Foreign country favored by Federalists; went to war against France in 1789
  3. Violent overthrow of the French monarchy

  4. Wife of President George Washington who assisted the Continental Army during the American Revolution; entertained and made social visits as the nation's first First Lady

  5. Country's 1st President

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  1. BondCreated by Hamilton to store government money collected from taxes and to loan money to private investors (initials)


  2. John Adams
    Washington's VP; country's 2nd President


  3. Neutrality Proclamation1793 statement by President Washington that the United States would not support or aid either France or Britain in their European conflict


  4. Alien ActImmigrant who is not yet a citizen


  5. Pierre L'EnfantFrench architect who designed the layout of Washington, DC with broad avenues and park-like areas


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