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Chapter 7 Review Test

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  1. Pinckney
  2. Nullify
  3. Sedition
  4. Loose
  5. Spain
  1. a Cancel; legally overturn
  2. b Interpretation of the Constitution favored by the Federalists
  3. c Country who signed Pinckney's Treaty with the U.S.
  4. d Activities aimed at rebellion against the government or weakening the established government
  5. e Treaty with Spain which gave Americans free navigation of the Mississippi River and the right of deposit at New Orleans

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. Made it a crime to speak, write, or publish "false, scandalous and malicious" criticisms of the government
  2. Tariff to protect American industry

  3. Rebellion by Pennsylvania farmers
  4. People who invest in a risky venture in the hope of making a large profit
  5. French architect who designed the layout of Washington, DC with broad avenues and park-like areas

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  1. Mount Vernon
    Fort Knox (in the great state of KY), home of America's gold, named after him; chief of artillery for the Continental Army during the American Revolution; the nation's first Secretary of War


  2. Electoral CollegeGroup of persons chosen in each state and the DC every four years who make a formal selection of the President and Vice President


  3. XYZAffair with the French where they refused to meet with American diplomats without the payment of a bribe


  4. GreenvilleTariff to protect American industry


  5. Martha Washington
    Wife of President George Washington who assisted the Continental Army during the American Revolution; entertained and made social visits as the nation's first First Lady


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