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  1. nystagmous
  2. secondary lesion
  3. CN XII
  4. exocriation
  5. CN VI
  1. a fine oscillating movement best seen around iris
  2. b hypoglossal
  3. c lesion that changes over time or changes because of a factor
  4. d self inflected abrassion
  5. e abducens

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  1. discharge from ear
  2. liver spots
  3. disease in lymph nodes with enlarged >1 cm from infection, allergy or neoplasm
  4. common variation of hyperpigmentation in all but white babies
  5. increased blood flow; expected with erythema

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  1. objective vertigoyou feel like your spinning around


  2. peristalsisnose bleed


  3. guardingperson tightens up muscles in abdomen and nothing felt


  4. distentionbloating of abdomen


  5. Weber Testhearing test where tuning fork is placed on the middle of the skull


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