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  1. mogolian spot
  2. contusion
  3. disphagia
  4. guarding
  5. caries
  1. a person tightens up muscles in abdomen and nothing felt
  2. b cavities
  3. c injury resulting in hemmorage; a bruise
  4. d common variation of hyperpigmentation in all but white babies
  5. e difficulty swallowing

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  1. ringing in the ear
  2. self inflected abrassion
  3. ear infections of the middle ear
  4. white color of the skin
  5. abducens

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  1. CN IIIOculomotor


  2. cystVagus


  3. CN Volfatory nerve


  4. erythemaintense redness of skin; common with fever and inflamation


  5. vesiclestretch marks


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