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  1. pryosis
  2. presbyopia
  3. consensual light reflex
  4. CN IX
  5. Rinne Test
  1. a hearing test where tuning fork is placed on the mastoid process and then in front of the ear canal
  2. b heartburn
  3. c glossopharyngeal
  4. d glass like quality the decreases the lense's ability to change shape to accommodate
  5. e simultaneous constriction

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  1. room feels like it is spinning around
  2. something that can be felt; caused by superficial thickening of the epidermis
  3. yellow color
  4. fluid accumulating in the intercellular spaces
  5. large flat macular patch- red,blue or purple

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  1. patchsolely color change, flat and circumscribed, > 1 cm


  2. arcus senilissinuses


  3. cariescavities


  4. secondary lesionlesion that changes over time or changes because of a factor


  5. pruritusintense itching


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