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  1. nulliparity
  2. alopecia
  3. Rinne Test
  4. macule
  5. senile lentigines
  1. a solely color change, flat and circumscribed, <1 cm
  2. b never having children
  3. c hearing test where tuning fork is placed on the mastoid process and then in front of the ear canal
  4. d hair loss
  5. e liver spots

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  1. elevated cavity containing free fluid, up to 1 cm; clear serum flows if wall ruptured
  2. white color of the skin
  3. hearing test where tuning fork is placed on the middle of the skull
  4. disease in lymph nodes with enlarged >1 cm from infection, allergy or neoplasm
  5. tooth loss

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  1. direct light reflexreflection of opthalmoscope of inner retina


  2. convergenceeyes move together


  3. CN XIIOculomotor


  4. papulesomething that can be felt; caused by superficial thickening of the epidermis


  5. CN VIabducens


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