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  1. plasma cells
  2. bacteriostasis
  3. signs
  4. cytotoxin
  5. IgG
  1. a inhibit bacterial growth but not kill them
  2. b an antibody producing cell
  3. c the most abundant antibody in the blood; cross cell walls of blood vessels and placenta
  4. d objective changes because of disease that can be observed by others
  5. e bacterial toxins which kill or lyse cells

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  1. a bacterial toxin which destroys the 'dermis' or skin
  2. normal state with immune system in check; self reactive B cells and T cells are deleted
  3. transport antigent to lymphnodes, spleen and other tissue; englufs antigen and cuts into epitopes
  4. white blood cells
  5. foreing substance to body; usually protein or a carb, or a small molecule sticking off of a carb; bacterial cell are cell components

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  1. normal florago to foreign agent, kill


  2. phospholipasebreaks down lipids that are part of the cell membrane


  3. systemic infectionopportunists takes advantage of the already lowered immune system


  4. inflammatory resonsetissue damage in one trigger


  5. pathologythe study of disease; looks at what is wrong


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