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  1. IgM
  2. virulence
  3. disinfectant
  4. infection
  5. inflammation
  1. a nonspecific response to tissue damage resulting from a variety of causes
  2. b reduce or kills the number of pathogens on surface
  3. c invasion of the body by a pathogen
  4. d degree of potency of a pathogen
  5. e first antibody produced; blood stream reactive antibody

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  1. lowers neuron threshold
  2. go to foreign agent, kill
  3. where t cells mature; response only to specific antigen because of receptor on surface
  4. oxygen is toxic
  5. bacteria multiply in bloodstream

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  1. secondary infectioninfection is in a small area of the body


  2. syndromegroup of symptoms and signs that collectively characterize a particular disease or abnormal condition


  3. IgDthe most abundant antibody in the blood; cross cell walls of blood vessels and placenta


  4. IgEexaggerated response, the antibody associated with allergies


  5. carrierinfected person without detectable signs


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