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  1. microaeophiles
  2. septicemia
  3. pandemic
  4. nosocomial infection
  5. hyaluronidase
  1. a hospital acquired infection
  2. b low oxygen levels required for organisms
  3. c world wide epidemic
  4. d breaks down hyaluronic acid
  5. e bacteria multiply in bloodstream

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  1. reactive portion of antigen that determines immune response
  2. can grow in disinfection solution; common to soil and water
  3. sites where pathogens are maintained as a source of infection
  4. produced compounds that inhibit growth
  5. all mechanisms used by the body to protect itself from all things foreign

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  1. faculative anaerobesswitch metabolism


  2. epidemicdisease that occurs at greater frequencies than normal


  3. prostoglandinenhances infects


  4. phospholipasecan grow in disinfection solution; common to soil and water


  5. parenteral infectioninfection where there is a damage to the barrier, the microbe is depositied directly into tissue


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