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  1. coagulase
  2. inflammatory resonse
  3. obligate anaerobes
  4. exotoxin
  5. heterophile antigen
  1. a toxins that are secreted that either destroy host cells or interfere with host metabolism
  2. b an antigen with many epitopes
  3. c oxygen is toxic
  4. d tissue damage in one trigger
  5. e causes plasma to clot

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  1. a delayed hypersensitivity reaction which occurs 24-72 hours after exposure to the antigen which results in a rash
  2. remain part of the normal flora of person throughout their life
  3. know exactly what and how much is in there
  4. normal state with immune system in check; self reactive B cells and T cells are deleted
  5. first antibody produced; blood stream reactive antibody

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  1. histamineforeing substance to body; usually protein or a carb, or a small molecule sticking off of a carb; bacterial cell are cell components


  2. IgEexaggerated response, the antibody associated with allergies


  3. syndromegroup of symptoms and signs that collectively characterize a particular disease or abnormal condition


  4. germicidereactive portion of antigen that determines immune response


  5. immunityall mechanisms used by the body to protect itself from all things foreign


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