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  1. IgG
  2. obligate aerobes
  3. hyaluronidase
  4. inflammatory resonse
  5. colonal selection
  1. a breaks down hyaluronic acid
  2. b the most abundant antibody in the blood; cross cell walls of blood vessels and placenta
  3. c tissue damage in one trigger
  4. d oxygen mandatory for metabolic processes
  5. e the 'selection' of a specific B cell to produce antibody against an antigen; it multiplies into two cell populations: plasma cells which produce antibody now and memory cells which will respond the second time the antigen appears

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  1. phagocyte; large cells that leave the bloodstream; long lived
  2. a delayed hypersensitivity reaction which occurs 24-72 hours after exposure to the antigen which results in a rash
  3. blood protein produced in response to a foreign substance; molecules present in the blood stream
  4. ability to produce toxins which disrupt cell function or destroy cells and tissues
  5. histamine increases blood flow via area with capillary dilation

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  1. histamineleukocyte death releases bradykinin and prostoglandin


  2. antibiotic resistanceproduced compounds that inhibit growth


  3. hemolysinstoxins which casue blood cells to lyse


  4. IgEreactive portion of antigen that determines immune response


  5. zoonosesdiseases that spread naturally from usually animal host to humans


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