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  1. leukocytes
  2. aerotolerant
  3. T-helpers
  4. T-killer
  5. edema
  1. a regulate B cells, antibody production
  2. b anaerobic metabolism but oxygen is not toxic
  3. c white blood cells
  4. d go to foreign agent, kill
  5. e capillary dilation causes increases permeability fluid loss to tissues

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  1. reactive portion of antigen that determines immune response
  2. steam cells give rise to all blood cells here
  3. diseases that spread naturally from usually animal host to humans
  4. scalded skin syndrome; skin becomes loose from base
  5. fraction of population with disease

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  1. interferonfamily inducible proteins


  2. noncontagiousvery difficult to be passed from human to human


  3. germicidedegree of potency of a pathogen


  4. phospholipasebreaks down hyaluronic acid


  5. Fcexaggerated response, the antibody associated with allergies


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