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  1. aerotolerant
  2. anamnesic response
  3. aspesis
  4. bacteremia
  5. IgD
  1. a bacteria in the blood stream
  2. b the response to the second appearance of an antigen; the memory response
  3. c unknown function
  4. d anaerobic metabolism but oxygen is not toxic
  5. e environment that is free of contamination of pathogen

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  1. produced compounds that inhibit growth
  2. group of symptoms and signs that collectively characterize a particular disease or abnormal condition
  3. microbes that remain in body only for short period of time
  4. break down of tolerance; body attacks itself
  5. develops rapidly and lasts only a short time

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  1. vehicle transmissionspread of pathogens via air, water, food and bodily fluids outside the body


  2. primary infectioninitial infection that is the cause of illness


  3. colonal selectionthe 'selection' of a specific B cell to produce antibody against an antigen; it multiplies into two cell populations: plasma cells which produce antibody now and memory cells which will respond the second time the antigen appears


  4. antiserumantibodies that bind to toxins and neutralize them


  5. latent diseasedevelops rapidly and lasts only a short time


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