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  1. epidemic
  2. secondary infection
  3. sebum
  4. septicemia
  5. toxemia
  1. a opportunists takes advantage of the already lowered immune system
  2. b disease that occurs at greater frequencies than normal
  3. c bacteria multiply in bloodstream
  4. d unsat. fatty acid chain; shorter is better that helps stop fungi
  5. e toxins are in the bloodstream

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  1. nonspecific response to tissue damage resulting from a variety of causes
  2. the ability of microbe to cause disease
  3. massive lymphocyte reaction; very strong response
  4. an antigen with many epitopes
  5. subjective characteristics of a disease that can be felt by the patient alone

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  1. focal infectioninitial infection that is the cause of illness


  2. T cellsenvironment that is free of contamination of pathogen


  3. antiboticsproduced compounds that inhibit growth


  4. systemic infectionorganism hits blood stream and than goes everywhere


  5. dermonecrotic toxina bacterial toxin which destroys the 'dermis' or skin


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