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  1. monocyte
  2. acute disease
  3. cytotoxin
  4. immunity
  5. heterophile antigen
  1. a bacterial toxins which kill or lyse cells
  2. b phagocyte; large cells that leave the bloodstream; long lived
  3. c all mechanisms used by the body to protect itself from all things foreign
  4. d an antigen with many epitopes
  5. e develops rapidly and lasts only a short time

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  1. attachment to tissue
  2. subjective characteristics of a disease that can be felt by the patient alone
  3. normal state with immune system in check; self reactive B cells and T cells are deleted
  4. immune response by T cells to fight off antigens in the blood
  5. family inducible proteins

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  1. antibodyunknown function


  2. disinfectantreduce number of pathogens present


  3. histaminevasoactive chemical which causes blood vessels to dilate


  4. anamnesic responsedelayed and short lived, IgM first than IgG


  5. eithologystudy of where and when diseases occur and how they are transmitted within populations


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