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  1. focal infection
  2. surfactant
  3. bacteriostasis
  4. fomites
  5. histamine
  1. a inhibit bacterial growth but not kill them
  2. b reduces level of pathogens by reducing surface tension of solvents
  3. c starts in one area of the body and spreads
  4. d vasoactive chemical which causes blood vessels to dilate
  5. e an inanimate object which transmits a pathogen

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  1. spread of pathogens via air, water, food and bodily fluids outside the body
  2. the response to the second appearance of an antigen; the memory response
  3. diseases that spread naturally from usually animal host to humans
  4. oxygen is toxic
  5. world wide epidemic

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  1. disinfectionreduce number of pathogens present


  2. antibiotic resistancenormal state with immune system in check; self reactive B cells and T cells are deleted


  3. obligate aerobesoxygen mandatory for metabolic processes


  4. infectionreduce number of pathogens present


  5. toxigenicitytoxins are in the bloodstream


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