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  1. gradient
  2. hydrologic cycle
  3. base level
  4. alluvial fans
  5. meandering streams
  1. a path water takes from ocean, evaporation, precipitation, surface flow, transpiration, groundwater flow, and return to ocean
  2. b point bars, oxbow lakes
  3. c lobe-shaped deposits similar to deltas but adjacent to highlands; typically arid to semi-arid conditions
  4. d slope over which the stream flows (i.e. if the headwaters are at 1000 meters and the stream flows 500 km to the sea, the gradient is 1000m/500km= 2m/km)
  5. e stream will cut channel down to base level (ultimate base level is sea level); local base level could be larger than stream or lake

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  1. down cutting occurs when stream has more energy than is required to carry its sediment load
  2. bed load, suspended load, dissolved load
  3. levees
  4. direct rain, surface run-off, soil moisture, and groundwater
  5. remnants of floodplains from when stream was flowing at a higher level; flat surfaces above current stream valley / formed by slow uplift of land surface over which meandering streams with floodplains are flowin

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  1. depositionbraided streams, meandering streams, floodplain deposits, deltas, alluvial fans


  2. incised meanderslarger material that moves along the bottom of the stream


  3. geomorphologydistance per unit time (i.e m/sec); varies greatly within and between streams


  4. erosionphysical removal of particles by either abrasion, movement, or dissolution


  5. flow characteristicslevees


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