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  1. velocity
  2. bed load
  3. transport of sediment
  4. incised meanders
  5. deltas
  1. a distance per unit time (i.e m/sec); varies greatly within and between streams
  2. b form when the stream flows into larger body of calm water and sediment load is deposited
  3. c previously established meanders in area that is being uplifted-
    form from deep downcutting of meandering stream through hard bedrock. Shape of meanders is
    preserved in river canyon shape
  4. d bed load, suspended load, dissolved load
  5. e larger material that moves along the bottom of the stream

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  1. total area that drains into a particular stream
  2. topographic feature separating water sheds
  3. base level, gullies/canyons/gorges, superposed streams, antecedent streams, steam terraces, incised meanders
  4. gradient, velocity, discharge
  5. result when stream is fully loaded with sediment

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  1. suspended load...


  2. meandering streamspoint bars, oxbow lakes


  3. stream terracesdirect rain, surface run-off, soil moisture, and groundwater


  4. gradientphysical removal of particles by either abrasion, movement, or dissolution


  5. erosionbraided streams, meandering streams, floodplain deposits, deltas, alluvial fans


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