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  1. Always positive for the philadelphia chromosome
  2. AML associated with Down Syndrome
  3. Most common leukemia in children
  4. Leukemia equivalent of Burkett lymphoma
  1. a ALL
  2. b M7 AML
  3. c B variant ALL
  4. d CML

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  1. CML
  2. ALL
  3. M3 AML
  4. AML
  5. M7 AML

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  1. Numerous basophils, splenomegaly, and negative for LAPCML


  2. Acute leukemia positive for peroxidaseAML


  3. AML that are CD13 and CD33 +M0-6


  4. PAS +ALL


  5. Most common leukemia in adults in the USCLL


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