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  1. Simulation
  2. Project Files
  3. Forecasting
  4. Data precision
  5. Project Charter
  1. a Estimating or predicting future project status and progress based on knowledge and information available at the time of forecasting.
  2. b Project Simulation uses a model that translates the specified detailed uncertainties of the project into their potential impact on project objectives.
  3. c Document that formally authorizes a project. Provides project manager with the authority to apply organizational resources to project activities.
  4. d Describes the extent to which a risk is known or understood. Measures extent of data available as well as reliability of data.
  5. e Records of previous project results that can be used to identify risks.

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  1. An uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, has a positive or negative effect on the project objective.
  2. Testing identified assumptions against two criteria: assumption stability and consequences on the project if the assumption is false.
  3. List of risks includes those that pose the greatest threat or present the greatest opportunity to the project together with a measure of their impact.
  4. A documented list of project team members, their project roles, and communication information.
  5. Describes how individual requirements meet the business need for the project.

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  1. Analogous Estimating / Top-downProcess of formally authorizing a new project or the next phase of an existing project; links the project to the ongoing work of the performing organization


  2. Fast TrackingA schedule compression technique in which phases or activities normally performed in sequence are performed in parallel. Fast tracking often results in rework and increased risk. Fast tracking only works if activities can be overlapped to shorten the duration.


  3. ConstraintsThe state, quality, or sense of being restricted to a given course of action or inaction. An applicable restriction or limitation, either internal or external to a project, which will affect the performance of the project or a process.


  4. Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)A structure that relates the project organizational breakdown structure to the work breakdown structure to help ensure that each component of the project's scope of work is assigned to a person or team. It illustrates the connections between work packages or activities and project team members.


  5. Project Scope ManagementDescribes the processes required to ensure that the project includes only the essential work required to complete the project successfully. It includes collecting the requirements, defining the scope, verifying the scope and controlling the scope of the project.


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