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  1. To-Complete Performance Index (TCPI)
  2. Fast Tracking
  3. Mitigation
  4. Project Management
  5. Report Performance
  1. a The calculated projection of cost performance that must be achieved on the remaining work to meet a specified management goal, such as the budget at completion (BAC) or the estimate at completion (EAC). It is the ratio of 'remaining work' to the 'funds remaining'.
  2. b A subsequent phase of a project is sometimes begun prior to approval of the previous phase deliverables when the risks involved are deemed acceptable. This practice of overlapping phases is often called fast tracking
  3. c The process of collecting and distributing performance information, including status reports, progress measurements, and forecasts to stakeholders.
  4. d Application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements.
  5. e Reduce the probability and/or consequence of an adverse risk event to be within acceptable threshold limits.

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  1. The expected cost needed to complete all the remaining work for a schedule activity, work break down structure component, or the project.
  2. The total amount of time that a schedule activity may be delayed from its early start without delaying the project finish date, or violating a schedule constraint. Calculated using the critical path method technique and determining the difference between the early finish dates and late finish dates.
  3. The expected total cost of a schedule activity , a work breakdown structure component, or the project when the defined scope of work will be completed.
  4. Organize and summarize the information gathered, and present the results of any analysis as compared to the performance measurement baseline. Reports should provide status and progress of the project at the required level of detail.
  5. Technologies or methods to transfer information among project stakeholders.

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  1. Work ResultsEstimating or predicting future project status and progress based on knowledge and information available at the time of forecasting.


  2. TemplatesSeller prepared documents that describe the seller's ability and willingness to provide the requested product.


  3. Corrective ActionDocumented direction for executing the project work to bring expected future performance of the project work in line with the project management plan.


  4. Decision TreeA deliverable is a unique, tangible and verifiable work/product. Each project phase is marked by the completion of one or more deliverables.


  5. Verify ScopeThe work that must be done to deliver a product with the specified features and functions


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