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  1. Perform Quality Control
  2. Coding Structure
  3. Process Adjustments
  4. Work Authorization System
  5. Control Account
  1. a Activities should have a coding structure to allow sorting and/or extractions based on different attributes assigned to the activities.
  2. b Involves immediate corrective or preventive action as a consequence of quality control measurements.
  3. c A management control point where the resource plans, scope, schedule and actual cost are integrated and compared to earned value for performance measurement.
  4. d A formal procedure for authorizing project work to ensure that work is done by the identified organization at the right time and in proper sequence.
  5. e Modifications to the cost estimation prepared for the project

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  1. The work that must be done to deliver a product with the specified features and functions
  2. A provision in the project management plan to mitigate cost and/or schedule risk. Often used with a modifier to provide further details on what types of risk are meant to be mitigated.
  3. Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM) includes four types of dependencies or relationships between activities: 1. Finish to Start; 2. Finish to Finish; 3. Start to Finish; 4. Start to Start
  4. The process of determining project stakeholders' information needs and defining a communication approach.
  5. Used to identify project and product requirements; some of the techniques used are: Brainstorming, Nominal group technique, The Delphi technique, Idea/mind mapping, and Affinity diagram.

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  1. Resource LevelingAny form of schedule network analysis in which scheduling decisions are driven by resource constraints.


  2. Information Distribution MethodsThey involve measuring value or attractiveness to the project owner. Includes considering the decision criteria and a means to calculate value under uncertainty.


  3. Matrix OrganizationAn accepted action performed to bring projected future project performance in line with the project plan. These actions have to be documented.


  4. Project Human Resource ManagementDescribes the processes required to ensure timely and appropriate generation, collection, dissemination and ultimate disposition of project information. It includes identifying stakeholders, planning communication, distributing information, managing stakeholder expectations, and reporting performance.


  5. Risk probabilityIncludes identified risks, risk owners, results of Perform qualitative risk analysis process, agreed upon response strategies, etc.


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