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  1. Project Integration Management
  2. Prevention vs. Inspections
  3. Graphical Evaluation and Review Technique (GERT)
  4. Data Precision Ranking
  5. Estimate Activity Durations
  1. a Allows for probabilistic treatment of both network logic and activity duration estimates
  2. b The process of approximating the number of work periods needed to complete individual activities with estimated resources
  3. c Special category of revised cost estimates to an approved cost baseline.
  4. d Technique to evaluate the degree to which data about risks is useful for risk management.
  5. e Describes the processes required to ensure that the various elements of the project are properly coordinated. It includes developing the project plan, managing the execution of the project plan, monitoring & controlling work, integrating the change and finally closing the project.

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  1. Includes all those activities designed to enhance the competencies of the project team members. Training can be formal or informal.
  2. Process of estimating the type and quantities of resources like materials, people, equipment, or supplies required to perform each project activity
  3. Process of obtaining seller responses, selecting a seller, and awarding a contract
  4. Allow for non-sequential activities (e.g. Loops or Conditional Branches); e.g., GERT(Graphical Evaluation and Review Technique) and System Dynamics
  5. Generally used when considerations like technical approach and technical skills are paramount in source selection

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  1. Communications management planThe document that sets out the format and establishes the activities and criteria for planning, structuring, and controlling the project costs. The cost management plan is contained in, or is a subsidiary plan of, the project management plan.


  2. Independent estimatesApproved modifications to the project schedule that are used to manage the project


  3. Make-or-buy analysisA general management technique used to determine whether a particular work can be accomplished by the project team or must be purchased from outside sources.


  4. Performance ReviewsRecords of previous project results that can be used to identify risks.


  5. Project Planning MethodologyStructured method to guide the project team during development of project plan. Standard forms and templates or even complicated simulations may be used.


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