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  1. Amendment 8
  2. Fort Dusquesne
  3. Northwest Ordinance
  4. Massachusetts Resolution
  5. Virginia Plan
  1. a said that states could not say a law was unconstitutional
  2. b no execive bail or cruel and unusual punishment
  3. c James Madison's plan of government, in which states got a number of representatives in Congress based on their population
  4. d Made land west of the Appalacians settleable, more freedom there
  5. e French fort that Washington attempted to capture, and failed

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  1. an organization that spread political ideas through the colonies
  2. Original constitution, poorly writen and fell apart after a short time
  3. Said that Natives would have to live west of the Mississippi
  4. America bought Florida from spain
  5. Site of a French fort where an army of Native Americans and colonists defeated the French

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  1. Monroe DoctrineCleaned cotton


  2. Quartering ActAmericans who wanted freedom from britan


  3. LoyalistsAmericans loyal to britian


  4. Judicial Reviewgave the Supreme court the ability to say if a law was unconstitutional


  5. War of 1812War between the British, French, and Americans. French lost, and It took a long time before Americans were ready to drive away the british


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