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  1. Industrial Revolution
  2. Louisbourg
  3. Amendment 4
  4. Virginia Plan
  5. Statute for Religious Freedom
  1. a First significant British victory of the Seven Years' War
  2. b a law introduced in Virginia that legally separate church and state.
  3. c no unprovoked searchs by the police
  4. d Made things easier though machines
  5. e James Madison's plan of government, in which states got a number of representatives in Congress based on their population

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  1. no soldier can be quartered without consent
  2. People reacted violently to british soldiers, and eventually led to the the murder of many of the rioters
  3. gave the Supreme court the ability to say if a law was unconstitutional
  4. War between the British, French, and Americans. French lost, and It took a long time before Americans were ready to drive away the british
  5. Site of a French fort where an army of Native Americans and colonists defeated the French

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  1. Magna CartaAmericans loyal to britian


  2. FederalistMore power to the federal government


  3. QuebecSite of an important battle in the French and Indian war, English won


  4. America's acquisition of FloridaAmerica bought Florida from spain


  5. Boston Tea PartyRetaliation for the taxation without representation of the american people


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