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  1. Amendment 3
  2. Quartering Act
  3. Monroe Doctrine
  4. America's acquisition of Florida
  5. Statute for Religious Freedom
  1. a a law introduced in Virginia that legally separate church and state.
  2. b people are forced to quarter british soldiers
  3. c American nations were closed, no more colonies on the land of America
  4. d no soldier can be quartered without consent
  5. e America bought Florida from spain

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  1. Said that states were allowed not to follow laws they thought unconstitional
  2. Propoganda against british, helped convince many to fight
  3. Original constitution, poorly writen and fell apart after a short time
  4. right to bear arms
  5. Said that Natives would have to live west of the Mississippi

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  1. Stamp Taxa tax over stamps, which was eventually rebuked due to american protests


  2. Louisiana PurchaseFirst significant British victory of the Seven Years' War


  3. Division of Power (3 branches of government)Executive, judicial, and legislative


  4. Democratic-RepublicansJames Madison's plan of government, in which states got a number of representatives in Congress based on their population


  5. Bill of rightsThe first ten amendments to the constitution


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