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  1. Statute for Religious Freedom
  2. Quebec
  3. Louisbourg
  4. Northwest Ordinance
  5. Alien and Sedition Acts
  1. a Site of an important battle in the French and Indian war, English won
  2. b 1 harder for aliens to become citizens
    2 president could throw out anyone he thought dangerous
    3 anyone from a warrring country could be deported

    1 a crime to critizise the government
  3. c First significant British victory of the Seven Years' War
  4. d Made land west of the Appalacians settleable, more freedom there
  5. e a law introduced in Virginia that legally separate church and state.

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  1. French fort that Washington attempted to capture, and failed
  2. an organization that spread political ideas through the colonies
  3. The first ten amendments to the constitution
  4. no execive bail or cruel and unusual punishment
  5. Speedy and fair trial

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  1. Declaration of Independenceproclaimed independence from britain


  2. Boston MassacrePeople reacted violently to british soldiers, and eventually led to the the murder of many of the rioters


  3. Second Continental CongressDelegates from all colonies except georgia met to discuss problems with britain and to promote independence


  4. Monroe DoctrineAmerican nations were closed, no more colonies on the land of America


  5. Lake GeorgeSite of a French fort where an army of Native Americans and colonists defeated the French


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