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  1. Amendment 3
  2. Louisbourg
  3. Quebec
  4. Statute for Religious Freedom
  5. Industrial Revolution
  1. a no soldier can be quartered without consent
  2. b First significant British victory of the Seven Years' War
  3. c a law introduced in Virginia that legally separate church and state.
  4. d Made things easier though machines
  5. e Site of an important battle in the French and Indian war, English won

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  1. Retaliation for the taxation without representation of the american people
  2. one of the first battles in the revolutionary war
  3. Propoganda against british, helped convince many to fight
  4. no unprovoked searchs by the police
  5. American nations were closed, no more colonies on the land of America

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  1. Treaty of Parismade peace with britian and france


  2. Amendment 10more power to states


  3. Fort NecessityFrench fort that Washington attempted to capture, and failed


  4. Virginia PlanJames Madison's plan of government, in which states got a number of representatives in Congress based on their population


  5. Amendment 6right to bear arms


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