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  1. Consubstantiation
  2. Isabella and Ferdinand
  3. Donatello
  4. Zwingli
  5. Charles V
  1. a (1386-1466) A sculptor whose focus was ont eh beauty of the human body.
  2. b Spanish leaders that were determined to rid Spain of heretics and reinstated the Inquisition, sponsored Columbus
  3. c Holy Roman emperor (1519-1558) and king of Spain as Charles I (1516-1556). He summoned the Diet of Worms (1521) and the Council of Trent (1545-1563).
  4. d the doctrine of the High Anglican Church that after the consecration of the Eucharist the substance of the body and blood of Christ coexists with the substance of the consecrated bread and wine
  5. e Leader of Swiss Reformation. Agreed to disagree with Luther about communion. He thought it was only a symbol, and that it wasn't Christ's body or blood untill it touched your mouth, only symbolic.

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  1. (1452-1519) Italian painter and sculptor and engineer and scientist and architect, of the high Renaissance, known for "technical perfection"
  2. The first Tudor king that worked to establish a strong monarchical government and ended the private wars of nobles in England.
  3. French king, invited by Sforza to invade Florence, fought over Italy with Ferdinand of Aragon in the first of many French Italian wars. In 1494, he controlled Florence, the Papal States, and Naples.
  4. church officials getting married and having children
  5. Wrote The Courtier which was about education and manners and had a great influence. It said that an upper class, educated man should know many academic subjects and should be trained in music, dance, and art.

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  1. IndulgencesSelling of forgiveness by the Catholic Church. It was common practice when the church needed to raise money.


  2. Dispensationsreleases or exemptions from obligations


  3. MichelangeloThis was an artist who led the way for Renaissance masters from his David sculpture and his painting of the Sistine Chapel ceiling


  4. Louis XI(1461-1483) French king, nicknamed the"Spider King," manipulated the Estates-General to gain a permanent taille, took over part of Burgandy when Charles the Bold died


  5. BrunelleschiFlorentine architect who was the first great architect of the Italian Renaissance (1377-1446)


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