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  1. bower
  2. matron
  3. adversity
  4. tedious
  5. array
  1. a a shaded, leafy recess,nook for peaceful
  2. b a married woman or widow esp. a woman in middle age or older; a woman who acts as supervisor in a public institution (like a school or prison)
  3. c to dress in finery, adorn; to place for orderly arrangement
  4. d great hardship or affliction; a calamitous
  5. e tiresomely long or dull,boring

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  1. be victorious,triumph; to persuade successfully; to be most common or frequent
  2. to belong to as part; to pertain
  3. an unprincipled person,scoundred; one who is playfully mischievous
  4. dead and decaying flesh
  5. erratic or changeable, esp. w/ affections, capricious

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  1. courtto attempt to gain, seek; to invite; to woo; to attempt to gain the favor of by attention or flattery


  2. usurerone who lends money at interest, esp. charging interest or unlawful rate.


  3. discordlack of agreement; a harsh mingling of sounds


  4. naughtto cover or smear w/ a soft sticky substance; to point clearly


  5. forbearto renounce seriously or under oath; to commit perjury (to lie)


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