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  1. imposition
  2. contact
  3. reaction
  4. rupture
  5. prescription
  1. a a written order for medicine
  2. b a breaking apart or the state of being broken apart
  3. c an excessive or unjust burden placed on someone
  4. d a response
  5. e the state of touching or meeting

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  1. unable to be heard
  2. to express or imply the opposite of
  3. a group of listeners or spectators
  4. a gathering or assembly of people with a common interest
  5. related to something leading to the end or to death

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  1. rejuvenateyouthful or childish; immature


  2. interactiona response


  3. predictiona response


  4. interceptto stop or hinder by breaking in on


  5. exterminaterelated to something leading to the end or to death


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