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  1. exterminate
  2. postscript
  3. interrupt
  4. prescription
  5. tactile
  1. a an addition to an already completed letter, article, or book
  2. b to stop or hinder by breaking in on
  3. c to destroy or get rid of completely
  4. d of or relating to the sense of touch
  5. e a written order for medicine

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  1. to act directly against; to prevent from affecting
  2. to draw around; to encircle
  3. unable to be heard
  4. a breaking apart or the state of being broken apart
  5. the state of touching or meeting

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  1. audiencea group of listeners or spectators


  2. interveneto stop or interrupt the course of


  3. recognizeto identify someone or something seen before


  4. oppositionthe act of resistance or action against


  5. reactiona response


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