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  1. tactile
  2. postscript
  3. inscription
  4. composition
  5. circumvent
  1. a to go around; to bypass restrictions
  2. b of or relating to the sense of touch
  3. c an arrangement or putting together of parts
  4. d an addition to an already completed letter, article, or book
  5. e an engraving on a coin or other object

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  1. to identify someone or something seen before
  2. an intent to reach a goal
  3. process of acquiring knowledge
  4. to place something where it ca be seen; to put in an unprotected situation
  5. to express or imply the opposite of

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  1. rupturethe taking back of something


  2. terminalrelated to something leading to the end or to death


  3. predictiona response


  4. interceptto stop or interrupt the course of


  5. exterminaterelated to something leading to the end or to death


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