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  1. intact
  2. intercept
  3. deposit
  4. prediction
  5. postscript
  1. a to stop or interrupt the course of
  2. b an addition to an already completed letter, article, or book
  3. c to put down or in a safe place
  4. d with nothing missing; left whole
  5. e a statement foretelling the future

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  1. the taking back of something
  2. youthful or childish; immature
  3. to express or imply the opposite of
  4. to place something where it ca be seen; to put in an unprotected situation
  5. to draw around; to encircle

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  1. audiencea group of listeners or spectators


  2. compositionan arrangement or putting together of parts


  3. determinationto destroy or get rid of completely


  4. oppositionthe act of resistance or action against


  5. describeto represent with words or pictures


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