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  1. high viscosity, high gas straight up, smaller w/ narrow piles of pyroclastic particles, vertical eruption, on sides of other volcanoes, Paricutin Wizard Iland
  2. fast moving hot mixture of volcanic material,travels very quickly
  3. opening in the earth's crust that allows magma, pyroclasts, and gases to escape
  4. opening in the Earth's crust where magma and volcanic gases escape
  5. term for fragments of volcanic rock and lava that are blasted into the air (bomb, block, lapilli, ash, cinder)

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  1. us hotspotsareas of volcanism not at plate boundaries


  2. stratovolcano/compositebuild up of lava and debris surrounding a vent to form a volcano


  3. viscositythe ability of a material to resist flow


  4. ashcarbon dioxide, water vapor, sulfur dioxide


  5. gascarbon dioxide, water vapor, sulfur dioxide


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