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  1. arbitrary
  2. saturate
  3. coherent
  4. frown
  5. compel
  1. a すっかり濡らす、満たす
    the lawn was saturated with water.
  2. b 独断的な、気ままな
    the president made an arbitrary decision.
  3. c 首尾一貫した
    he could not present a coherent defense of his theory
  4. d まゆをひそめる
    the chairman frowned at the critical evaluations of his members
  5. e 強制する
    the dictatorial leader compelled the colonist to pay taxes

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  1. 連続的な、引き続く
    the - recessions depleted most of the wealth of the nation
  2. 集会、ラリー
  3. 裏書きする、支持する
    will you endorse the check and show me your ID, please?
  4. 力強い、有力な
    the cement is -- and should be mixed with water
  5. 付録

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  1. itinerary一時的な、つかの間の
    he suffered a temporary loss of memory from the accident.


  2. comply沼地


  3. invoke正気でない、狂気の
    what he had done to us was insane


  4. oblivion忘却


  5. insane正気でない、狂気の
    what he had done to us was insane


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