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  1. endorse
  2. petty
  3. particle
  4. be clad with
  5. frown
  1. a ~でおおわれている
    the mountain is clad with snow
  2. b ささいな、価値の少ない、取るに足らない
    the cause of the war was a - matter
  3. c 裏書きする、支持する
    will you endorse the check and show me your ID, please?
  4. d 粒子、細片
  5. e まゆをひそめる
    the chairman frowned at the critical evaluations of his members

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  1. (計画などが)失敗する、つぶれる
    the new enterprise foundered.
  2. なめる
    animals have a habit of licking their wounds
  3. (バラなどの)トゲ
  4. すっかり濡らす、満たす
    the lawn was saturated with water.
  5. 独断的な、気ままな
    the president made an arbitrary decision.

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  1. insane正気でない、狂気の
    what he had done to us was insane


  2. Neptune誘惑する、そそのかす
    the Dutch governor tried to tempt Native Americans to sell Manhattan with trinkets.


  3. concession譲歩


  4. extort強要する、無理強いする
    that store extorted high prices for trinkets


  5. enmity敵意、憎しみ


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