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  1. comply
  2. tempt
  3. frontier
  4. discerning
  5. plenitude
  1. a 国境、辺境、フロンティア
  2. b 従う
    we must - with the law
  3. c 十分、豊富
  4. d 明敏な、洞察力のある
    his discerning judgment helped us.
  5. e 誘惑する、そそのかす
    the Dutch governor tried to tempt Native Americans to sell Manhattan with trinkets.

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  1. なめる
    animals have a habit of licking their wounds
  2. 中道主義者
  3. 軽蔑する、馬鹿にする
    the newly inaugurated president despises bureaucrats.
  4. 薄暗い、陰気な
    she always wore clothes of somber colors to show her sadness
  5. 力強い、有力な
    the cement is -- and should be mixed with water

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  1. expose(日光などに)さらす
    it is not good for you to expose your skin to sunlight for a long time


  2. precede反逆者


  3. extort強要する、無理強いする
    that store extorted high prices for trinkets


  4. exhaustive消耗させる、徹底的な、完全な
    the work is really exhaustive


  5. proliferation隔離、差別すること


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