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  1. rally
  2. conspicuous
  3. throne
  4. scrape
  5. tuberculosis
  1. a (バラなどの)トゲ
  2. b 集会、ラリー
  3. c こすり取る、磨く、削る
    he scraped the mud from his shoes.
  4. d 目立つ、派手な
    she is conspicuous for her beauty
  5. e 結核

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  1. 最終的な、決定的な
    he made a definitive decision
  2. (暖炉の)炉
  3. ~を欠いている
    he is not popular in his class because he is devoid of
  4. 粒子、細片
  5. 引っ張る、引き締める
    he strained at the rope with all his strength.

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  1. founder(計画などが)失敗する、つぶれる
    the new enterprise foundered.


  2. erroneous誤った、間違った
    the meteorological agency made forecasts on the basis of - global surface temperature date


  3. exhaustive消耗させる、徹底的な、完全な
    the work is really exhaustive


  4. petty見つける、看破する


  5. bankruptcy鉱物学


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