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  1. appraise
  2. saturate
  3. mineralogy
  4. ethnology
  5. conspicuous
  1. a すっかり濡らす、満たす
    the lawn was saturated with water.
  2. b 民族学
  3. c 鉱物学
  4. d 鑑定する、評価する、判断する
    the expert appraised the ancient pot.
  5. e 目立つ、派手な
    she is conspicuous for her beauty

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  1. 苦痛、災難
  2. 努力する、用いる、発揮する
    he exerted himself and discovered the actual extent of his ability
  3. 異議を唱える
    i dissented from the decision to proceed with the project
  4. 爆破する
  5. 運動量、はずみ

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  1. deploy軽蔑する、馬鹿にする
    the newly inaugurated president despises bureaucrats.


  2. despise軽蔑する、馬鹿にする
    the newly inaugurated president despises bureaucrats.


  3. potentささいな、価値の少ない、取るに足らない
    the cause of the war was a - matter


  4. insane正気でない、狂気の
    what he had done to us was insane


  5. devoid~を欠いている
    he is not popular in his class because he is devoid of


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