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  1. tuberculosis
  2. ethnology
  3. despise
  4. founder
  5. exhaustive
  1. a (計画などが)失敗する、つぶれる
    the new enterprise foundered.
  2. b 消耗させる、徹底的な、完全な
    the work is really exhaustive
  3. c 軽蔑する、馬鹿にする
    the newly inaugurated president despises bureaucrats.
  4. d 結核
  5. e 民族学

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  1. ~を欠いている
    he is not popular in his class because he is devoid of
  2. 愛想の良い、好意的な
    his amiable smile attracted many people.
  3. 最終的な、決定的な
    he made a definitive decision
  4. (水を)まく
    one hot day, in the back lanes of Ginza,the residents sprinkled water to let the ground cool
  5. 眺望、前途、遠近法

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  1. ingrate恩知らず


  2. glossaryキラキラ輝く
    all that glitters is not gold


  3. segregation不規則な、むらのある
    mail delivery there is erratic , making it hard for business


  4. pettyささいな、価値の少ない、取るに足らない
    the cause of the war was a - matter


  5. tempt努力する、用いる、発揮する
    he exerted himself and discovered the actual extent of his ability


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