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  1. bewilderment
  2. permeated
  3. kinship
  4. languid
  5. admonishment
  1. a confusion resulting from failure to understand, noun
  2. b lacking spirit or liveliness, adj.
  3. c occurring throughout, adj.
  4. d a close connection marked by community of interests or similarity in nature or character,noun
  5. e the act of criticism, noun

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  1. impossible to hear, adj.
  2. having substance or material existence, adj.
  3. lessen the intensity of or calm, verb
  4. pay close attention to, verb
  5. an act or expression of criticism and censure, noun- censure severely or angrily, verb

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  1. contemptuouslywithout respect, adv.


  2. pensivedreamily thoughtful, adj.


  3. mesmerizedoccurring throughout, adj.


  4. truancyfailure to attend (especially school), noun


  5. emaciatedoccurring throughout, adj.


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