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  1. conservatism
  2. taille
  3. Sea of Marmara
  4. mandate of heaven
  5. Sinan
  1. a the greatest of all Ottoman architects
  2. b France's chief tax
  3. c Zhou dynasty believed they ruled China because of this
  4. d tradition and social stability
  5. e separates the Bosporus from the Dardanelles

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  1. This female scientist proved that radio-activity, when properly applied, was an effective treatment of some diseases.
  2. connected Europe, Africa and Asia, and the Americas
  3. a system of writing using symbols or pictures
  4. written by Martin Luther, used to display his displeasure with the Church's sale of indulgences
  5. French theologian, philosopher, mathematician and music theorist, often referred to as the "father of acoustics".

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  1. liberalisma movement in the literary and visual arts


  2. Nicolo Machiavellislaves' journey between Africa and the Americas


  3. puddlinginformal social gatherings at which writers, artists, philosophes, and others exchanged ideas


  4. Rene Descartesthe division of the French population sinc the middle ages


  5. Rococovery highly ornamented; highly secular artistic style


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