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  1. prehistory
  2. hieroglyphics
  3. liberalism
  4. Theocracy
  5. equator
  1. a free from government restraint
  2. b Government ruled by divine authority
  3. c the period before writing was developed
  4. d an imaginary circle around the middle of the earth, halfway between the North Pole and the South Pole
  5. e a system of writing using symbols or pictures

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  1. change of organisms over geologic time
  2. nomads from Europe and Asia who migrated to India and finally settled; vedas from this time suggest beginning of caste system
  3. soldiers who sold their services to the highest bidder
  4. the doctrine that calls for the abolition of slavery
  5. Duke of Wellington

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  1. Sinanthe greatest of all Ottoman architects


  2. "Akbar style"introduced westernization to the Russians


  3. Romantic style paintingreflects the artist's inner feelings


  4. nationalisma movement in the literary and visual arts


  5. Edict of Wormsa sum of money given by the wife's family to the husband upon marriage


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