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  1. bureaucracy
  2. mandate of heaven
  3. Aurangzeb
  4. Peter the Great
  5. Klemens von Metternich
  1. a the Austrian foreign minister who was the leader of the Congress of Vienna; claimed that he was guided by the principal of legitimacy
  2. b one of the most controversial rulers in India's history
  3. c introduced westernization to the Russians
  4. d Zhou dynasty believed they ruled China because of this
  5. e a group of non-elected government officials

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  1. Alexandrian astronomer who proposed a geocentric system of astronomy that was undisputed until Copernicus (2nd century AD)
  2. system in which rulers tried to govern by enlightenment principles while maintaining their full royal powers
  3. a movement in the literary and visual arts
  4. the doctrine that nations should act independently (rather than collectively) to attain their goals
  5. the greatest of all Ottoman architects

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  1. Spaininformal social gatherings at which writers, artists, philosophes, and others exchanged ideas


  2. Asokathe greatest of all Ottoman architects


  3. dowrya sum of money given by the wife's family to the husband upon marriage


  4. Monarch leadsSavafids reached their high point under this leader


  5. conquistadorsthe period before writing was developed


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