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  1. Branch of ulnar nerve=
  2. Median a. supplies:
  3. Lateral thoracic a. supplies:
  4. Caudal circumflex humeral a. supplies:
  5. Transverse Cubital a. supplies:
  1. a Latissimus dorsi m., deep pectoral m., cutaneous trunci
  2. b cranial aspect of biceps brachii and shoulder joint capsule
  3. c cranial elbow and adjacent muscles
  4. d caudal cutaneous antebrachial nerve
  5. e palmar surface of the paw

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  1. External thoracic a., Lateral thoracic a., Subscapular a., Cranial circumflex humeral a.
  2. motor to all extensor muscles to the elbow, carpus and digits (all of triceps)
  3. Lateral cutaneous antebrachial nerve
  4. Deep brachial a., Bicipital a., Collateral ulnar a., Transverse cubital a., Common Interosseous a., Deep antebrachial a.
  5. Caudally to ulnar and humeral heads of the Deep digital flexor, flexor carpi ulnaris

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  1. Collateral ulnar a. supplies:Latissimus dorsi m., deep pectoral m., cutaneous trunci


  2. Thoracodorsal nerve supplies:Teres major, Latissimus dorsi


  3. Median nerve supplies:pronator teres, pronator quadratus, fcr, sdf, ddf --> palmar surface of front paw


  4. Ulnar nerve supplies:fcu, ddf --> palmar surface of paw


  5. Subscapular nerve supplies:supraspinatus m., infraspinatus m.


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