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  1. prohibits the government from denying a person's righty to vote on the basis of race
  2. limited search and seizures
  3. gives Congress the power to levy individual income taxes
  4. limits presidents to a maximum of two elected terms
  5. protects the rights for individuals to protect themselves
  6. no one can be tride for a serious crime unless justified by a jury

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  1. 25establishes a process to take over leadership when a presdent is disabled


  2. 7no quartering of soldiers is aloud


  3. 26lowers the voting age in all elections to 18


  4. 19prohibits states from depriving any person of life, liberty, or property without 'due process law'


  5. 13guarantees women the right to vote


  6. 10reaffirms the relationshiop between the national and state governments


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