McDonald's Crew Trainer Secondary Shelf Life Times

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Bagels/ English Muffins/ McRib Buns

48 hours/ 12 hour thaw

Big Mac Sauce/ Tartar Sauce/ Mayo

24 hours

Burrito Mix

72 hours/ 24 hour thaw

Canadian Bacon

3 days

American Cheese

12 hours

Swiss Cheese

3 days

Cinnamon and Brownie Melts

48 hours/ 4 hour thaw

RTH Hotcakes

48 hours/ 24 hour thaw

RTH Folded Eggs

72 hours/ 24 hour thaw

Shell Eggs

30 minutes

Shredded Lettuce

24 hours

Leaf Lettuce

24 hours

Liquid Egg Carton

30 minutes

Southwest Vegetables

3 days

Grape Tomatoes

48 hours

Parmesan Cheese

4 days

Cheddar Jack Cheese

4 days

Bacon Bits

14 days

Salad Blend Mix

24 hours

Sliced Tomatoes

24 hours

Angus Seasoning

14 days

Red Onions

24 hours

Crinkle Pickles

30 days

Tortilla Shells

48 hours/ 12 hour thaw

Tortilla Strips

7 days

Frozen Strawberries

7 days

Frozen Blueberries

7 days


5 days

Rolled Burritos

5 hours

Bagel Sauce

7 days

Assembly Table Sauces

7 days

Completed Salads

8 hours

Baked Cookies

4 hours/ 6 minutes cooling

Baked Pies

4 hours/ 10 minutes cooling


14 hours

Coffee Beans

24 hours

Chocolate Mocha Syrup

14 days

Chocolate and Caramel Drizzle

14 days

Frappe' Syrups

14 days

Iced tea

8 hours

Brewed Coffee

30 minutes/ 2 hours in thermal decanter

Bulk Creamer

7 days

Iced Coffee

12 hours

Liquid Sugars

14 days

Liquid Margarine

7 days

Lemon Wedges

10 hours

Maraschino Cherries

16 hours

Reconstituted Onions

24 hours


3 hours/ 20 minutes Cooling


4 hours

Ketchup/ Mustard/ Pickles

24 hours

Sundae Toppings

7 days

Shake Syrups

14 days

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