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  1. This person was a great journalist from the New York area who disliked Africa very much.
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  2. Which Prime Minister of South Africa released Nelson Mandela from prison?
  3. Apartheid in South Africa ended when this person was elected as president.
  4. Apartheid
  5. The classification of people in Rwanda under Belgium was that, Hutus are shorter, broader nosed and darker than Tutsis.. T or F?
  1. a FW de Clerk
  2. b the racial separation and segregation of people
  3. c True
  4. d Henry Stanley
  5. e Nelson Mandela

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  1. Pan Africanism
  2. True
  3. True
  4. Cecil Rhodes
  5. Republic of Sudan

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  1. "We shall not ask England, France, Italy or Belgium, Why are you hear? We shall only command them to get out!" The speaker reflects African What?Nationalism


  2. Today, the government of Rwanda is trying to integrate together Hutu's and Tutsi's. T or F?False


  3. In what year was a black president electred in Sout Africa?1992


  4. the soil of Africa may generally be described ashow the Europeans should divide Eastern Africa


  5. 5. In discussing the relationship between humans and their environment the environment what?True


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