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  1. Apartheid has occurred throughout the world. T or F?
  2. The genocide of Rwanda started when the president of Rwanda's plane crashed; the president's people thought the outside group crashed the plane.T or F?
  3. colonies acquired by imperialists would generally have
  4. Which Prime Minister of South Africa released Nelson Mandela from prison?
  5. In what year was a black president electred in Sout Africa?
  1. a good natural resources
  2. b False
  3. c True
  4. d FW de Clerk
  5. e 1992

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  1. Sahara
  2. Republic of Sudan
  3. imperialism
  4. how the Europeans should divide Eastern Africa
  5. Great Trek

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  1. The classification of people in Rwanda under Belgium was that, Hutus are shorter, broader nosed and darker than Tutsis.. T or F?how the Europeans should divide Eastern Africa


  2. ApartheidSahara


  3. . In Rwanda, Hutus were required to carry passcards while under Belgium rule. T or F?False


  4. "We shall not ask England, France, Italy or Belgium, Why are you hear? We shall only command them to get out!" The speaker reflects African What?Nationalism


  5. Grand Apartheid segregated Blacks into homelands in their own country. T or F?True


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