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  1. Allusion
  2. Alleteration
  3. onomatopoeia
  4. Irony
  5. Antagonist
  1. a a word or words that sound like
    the action or thing they describe or represent
  2. b a direct or indirect reference to a
    significant person, event, time, or work of
  3. c the character who opposes the central
    character, causing conflict
  4. d what results when the actual outcome differs
    from what is expected
  5. e he repetition of a beginning
    consonant sound within a phrase or sentence

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  1. the use of figurative language to paint a
    sensory picture for the reader
  2. the order in which the author has chosen to
    convey the events of a literary work
  3. the repetition of identical or similar
    vowel sounds found within or at the end of
    words and phrases
  4. the place in a literary work that is the most
    significant to the main character and/or the plot
  5. words that affect a meaning
    other than the usual or literal meaning of the

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  1. oxymoronto combine two words with contrasting
    meanings to convey a single idea or thought


  2. Connotationthe emotional, cultural, or suggested
    meaning thought of when hearing a word or


  3. Settingthe location and time period in which the
    plot takes place


  4. Symbola thing, person, or place that is presented
    as a representation of a larger meaning


  5. Stylehow the author's specific use of words makes
    his or her writing distinctive


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