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  1. imagrey
  2. Figurative Language
  3. Antagonist
  4. Allusion
  5. Metaphor
  1. a to compare similar things or ideas
    WITHOUT using the words LIKE or AS
  2. b the character who opposes the central
    character, causing conflict
  3. c words that affect a meaning
    other than the usual or literal meaning of the
  4. d the use of figurative language to paint a
    sensory picture for the reader
  5. e a direct or indirect reference to a
    significant person, event, time, or work of

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  1. how the author's specific use of words makes
    his or her writing distinctive
  2. the order in which the author has chosen to
    convey the events of a literary work
  3. a polite word or phrase used in place
    of an offensive or crude word or phrase
  4. the place in a literary work that is the most
    significant to the main character and/or the plot
  5. a word or words that sound like
    the action or thing they describe or represent

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  1. Symbolto compare different things or ideas by
    using the words LIKE or AS


  2. Personificationto attribute human characteristics
    to inanimate objects, natural forces, animals, or


  3. Dialogueto compare similar concepts, characters,
    or works of literature so the reader better
    understands a difficult idea


  4. Consonancethe repetition of consonant sounds
    within or at the end of words in a phrase or


  5. Hyperobolea thing, person, or place that is presented
    as a representation of a larger meaning


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