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  1. analogy
  2. Protagonist
  3. Setting
  4. Dialogue
  5. Euphemism
  1. a the representation of conversation within
    a literary work
  2. b to compare similar concepts, characters,
    or works of literature so the reader better
    understands a difficult idea
  3. c the location and time period in which the
    plot takes place
  4. d a polite word or phrase used in place
    of an offensive or crude word or phrase
  5. e the principal or main character
    around which a literary work usually revolves

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  1. an expression that has been used so often that
    its meaning and impact are no longer effective
  2. to attribute human characteristics
    to inanimate objects, natural forces, animals, or
  3. the use of similar or identical sounding words
    to create an alternate meaning to the sentence in
    which they are used
  4. using exaggeration to provoke strong
    emotion, to create humor, or to make a point
  5. the repetition of identical or similar
    vowel sounds found within or at the end of
    words and phrases

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  1. Alleterationa direct or indirect reference to a
    significant person, event, time, or work of


  2. Climaxthe place in a literary work that is the most
    significant to the main character and/or the plot


  3. Themea term that describes the various
    classifications of literary works (for example:
    comedy, sci fi, fantasy, mystery, short story,
    tragedy, etc.)


  4. oxymoronto combine two words with contrasting
    meanings to convey a single idea or thought


  5. Characterizationthe use of direct and indirect
    methods to describe qualities and features of a
    person within a literary work


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