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  1. oxymoron
  2. analogy
  3. Simile
  4. Antagonist
  5. onomatopoeia
  1. a to compare different things or ideas by
    using the words LIKE or AS
  2. b to compare similar concepts, characters,
    or works of literature so the reader better
    understands a difficult idea
  3. c to combine two words with contrasting
    meanings to convey a single idea or thought
  4. d the character who opposes the central
    character, causing conflict
  5. e a word or words that sound like
    the action or thing they describe or represent

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  1. an occurrence, feeling, or object
    that forewarns of an event and which is only fully
    understood in hindsight
  2. a term that describes the various
    classifications of literary works (for example:
    comedy, sci fi, fantasy, mystery, short story,
    tragedy, etc.)
  3. the struggle between two or more forces,
    internal and/or external, that drive the plot
  4. using exaggeration to provoke strong
    emotion, to create humor, or to make a point
  5. the principal or main character
    around which a literary work usually revolves

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  1. Assonancethe repetition of identical or similar
    vowel sounds found within or at the end of
    words and phrases


  2. Figurative Languagethe representation of conversation within
    a literary work


  3. Punthe order in which the author has chosen to
    convey the events of a literary work


  4. Connotationthe repetition of consonant sounds
    within or at the end of words in a phrase or


  5. Settingthe location and time period in which the
    plot takes place


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