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  1. voluble
  2. impassive
  3. prodigious
  4. dissolute
  5. culpable
  1. a (adj.) deserving blame, guilty
  2. b (adj.) immense; extraordinary; vast
  3. c (adj.) not showing emotion; calm or serene
  4. d (adj.) characterized by a ready flow of words; talkative
  5. e (adj.) loose in one's morals or behavior

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  1. (adj.) capable of being touched or felt
  2. (adj.) seeking and enjoying the company of others; sociable, outgoing
  3. (adj.) using or showing good judgement, wise, sensible
  4. (n.) separation or alienation from others (a relative, etc.)
  5. (n.) breaking of a law, obligation, or usual habit

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  1. assiduous(adj.) persistant, hard-working, diligent


  2. supercilious(adj.) proud and contemptuous; showing scorn because of a feeling of superiority


  3. prevaricate(v.) to lie, to speak evasively or misleadingly


  4. poltroon(n.) coward


  5. inundation(n.) flood or overflow


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