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  1. Untouchables
  2. Sudras
  3. Jainism
  4. Raja
  5. Dravidian
  1. a The second lowest of the five castes in the Indian social system and were not twice born; consisted of peasants and artisans which was most of the Indian population
  2. b The name of the group of people in the caste system that were the outcasts of society; were not considered part of Indian society or the caste system, also called pariahs
  3. c The title given in India to a king or prince
  4. d A religion that branched off from Hinduism and was founded by Mahavira; its belief is that everything has a soul, and its purpose was to cleanse the soul. Some were extreme aesthetics.
  5. e A language; people who speak it mainly live in Southern India and were probably pushed there by the Aryan invasions

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  1. The idea of self denial, self sacrifice, even self mutilation that was done to communicate with the gods and began to take the place of sacrifice in ancient India
  2. A city in the Harappan civilization that is located on the Indus River
  3. Sacred texts in the Hindu religion, they are a set of four collections of hymns and religious ceremonies transmitted by memory through the centuries by Aryan priests
  4. Means wisdom; this is achieved when worldly matters are abandoned, and is the source of the term Buddhism. This is a key step on the way to nirvana
  5. A warrior who felt discouraged when going into battle and took advice from his chariot driver without knowing that he was Krishna, an incarnation of the Indian deity Vishnu

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  1. ShivaAn important Hindu deity who in the trinity of gods was the Destroyer


  2. MokshaIn Hinduism, it is seen as the liberation of the soul from the body


  3. GangesIndia's rigid social system in which all members of that society are assigned by birth to specific ranks and inherit specific roles and privileges


  4. Law of ManuA book in which the rules for social behavior were written down; Manu is the mythical founder of India


  5. VishnuIn Hinduism, the seventh incarnation of the god Vishnu


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