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  1. Moksha
  2. Maharaja
  3. Mohenjo-Daro
  4. Untouchables
  5. Aryans
  1. a In Hinduism, it is seen as the liberation of the soul from the body
  2. b An Indian King or prince that was ranked higher than a raja
  3. c A city in the Harappan civilization that is located on the Indus River
  4. d Indo-European speaking nomads who entered India from the Central Asian steppes between 1500 and 1000 BCE and greatly affected Indian society
  5. e The name of the group of people in the caste system that were the outcasts of society; were not considered part of Indian society or the caste system, also called pariahs

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  1. One of the two Sanskrit epics of Ancient India. It is the longest epic poem in the world. It is translated as "Great India" and is primarily about wars.
  2. Duty
  3. A language; people who speak it mainly live in Southern India and were probably pushed there by the Aryan invasions
  4. A river in India that flows into the Bay of Bengal; in Hinduism, it is known as a sacred river
  5. Sub castes; were groups of people within each caste that worked together for one economic function

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  1. ArjunaA warrior who felt discouraged when going into battle and took advice from his chariot driver without knowing that he was Krishna, an incarnation of the Indian deity Vishnu


  2. IndusA river in Pakistan that flows into the Arabian Sea


  3. UpanishadsThe name of the group of people outside the caste system; they were the contained the outcasts of society and untouchables, were not considered a part of Indian society or the caste system


  4. Law of ManuA book in which the rules for social behavior were written down; Manu is the mythical founder of India


  5. MonsoonStrong winds that change with the seasons. These symbolize the great god Indra.


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