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  1. Buddhism
  2. Stupas
  3. Asceticism
  4. Dharma
  5. Law of Manu
  1. a The idea of self denial, self sacrifice, even self mutilation that was done to communicate with the gods and began to take the place of sacrifice in ancient India
  2. b Duty
  3. c A book in which the rules for social behavior were written down; Manu is the mythical founder of India
  4. d A religion that was started by Siddhartha Gautama, whose purpose was to stop suffering
  5. e Religious buildings that originally housed Buddha relics. These developed into familiar Buddhist architecture

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  1. A room or building carved out of the side of a cliff. They were used for religious ceremonies and houses to monks and wandering ascetics
  2. Means wisdom; this is achieved when worldly matters are abandoned, and is the source of the term Buddhism. This is a key step on the way to nirvana
  3. A Hindu god who, in the trinity of gods, is the Preserver
  4. Founder of Buddhism who achieved enlightenment of the meaning of life while sitting under a tree and later preached his conclusions that came to be known as Buddhism
  5. An incarnation of a god

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  1. RajaThe title given in India to a king or prince


  2. BrahminsIn Hinduism he was the Universal Soul, and in the trinity of gods in Hinduism he was the Creator


  3. SatiA ritual that required a woman to throw herself on her late husband's funeral pyre or burn herself. This was done gladly and if a woman didn't comply with this she would be disgraced.


  4. MonsoonIn Hinduism, it is seen as the liberation of the soul from the body


  5. VaisyaIndia's rigid social system in which all members of that society are assigned by birth to specific ranks and inherit specific roles and privileges


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