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  1. Ashoka
  2. Sudras
  3. Dharma
  4. Jainism
  5. Samsara
  1. a A religion that branched off from Hinduism and was founded by Mahavira; its belief is that everything has a soul, and its purpose was to cleanse the soul. Some were extreme aesthetics.
  2. b Duty
  3. c A ruler of the Mauryan Empire who converted to Buddhism
  4. d The second lowest of the five castes in the Indian social system and were not twice born; consisted of peasants and artisans which was most of the Indian population
  5. e The Hindu cycle of death and rebirth; in Buddhism means rebirth

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  1. A room or building carved out of the side of a cliff. They were used for religious ceremonies and houses to monks and wandering ascetics
  2. The warrior caste
  3. A language; people who speak it mainly live in Southern India and were probably pushed there by the Aryan invasions
  4. A river in Pakistan that flows into the Arabian Sea
  5. A Hindu epic written in Sanskrit that describes the adventures of the king Rama and his queen

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  1. VedasA river in Pakistan that flows into the Arabian Sea


  2. MokshaStrong winds that change with the seasons. These symbolize the great god Indra.


  3. Siddhartha GautamaFounder of Buddhism who achieved enlightenment of the meaning of life while sitting under a tree and later preached his conclusions that came to be known as Buddhism


  4. AvatarAn incarnation of a god


  5. BuddhismMeans wisdom; this is achieved when worldly matters are abandoned, and is the source of the term Buddhism. This is a key step on the way to nirvana


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