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  1. Riparian Rights
  2. Adverse Possession
  3. Examples of Fixtures
  4. Fixture
  5. Personal Property
  1. a Method of acquiring ownership to real property by possession for a statutory time period.
  2. b Air conditioning units, dishwashers, shelving, counters.
  3. c Rights of the owners of lands adjoining streams, rivers and lakes relating to the water and its use.
  4. d Item of personal property that becomes real property because of its attachment to the land of a building.
  5. e Sometimes referred to as "chattels" or "goods." May include living objects, such as animals, and inanimate objects.

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  1. Ability to acquire ownership to real property because of one's kinship to a deceased property owner who dies without a will.
  2. Land and those things that are more or less permanently attached to the land, such as homes, office buildings and trees.
  3. A form of adverse possession where the original possession of the property by a prescriber is based upon a written instrument such as a deed or a court decree.
  4. Estate of real property the duration of which is measured by the life or lives of one or more persons.
  5. Transfer of real property by means of a last will and testament.

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  1. Examples of Intangible Personal PropertyA certificate of stock, bonds, patents, copyrights and intellectual property rights, such as software


  2. Method of Acquiring Ownership to Real PropertyInheritance, Devise, Gift, Sale and Adverse Possession


  3. Examples of Tangible Personal PropertyAutomobiles, televisions and clothes.


  4. Fee Simple on Condition SubsequentExists when a fee simple is subject to a power in the grantor (person who conveyed the fee) to recover the conveyed estate on the happening of a specified event.


  5. AppropriationOccupation of land evidenced by visible acts such as enclosure, cultivation, the construction of improvements, or the occupancy of existing improvements.


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