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  1. Sentimentalism
  2. Stream of consciousness
  3. Subjective
  4. Sensibility
  5. Persona
  1. a for something expressive in a personal manner of inward convictions, beliefs, dreams, or deals
  2. b A mask. The term is widely used to refer to a "second self" created by an author and through whom the narrative is told
  3. c Type of novel taking as its subject matter the flow of one or more characters' thoughts
  4. d A term for a reliance on feelings as guides to truth and not on reason and law
  5. e 1) an overindulgence in emotion, especially the conscious effort to induce emotion in order to enjoy it; 2)optimistic overemphasis of the goodness of humanity

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  1. An address to a deity for opening address to the Muses (epics)
  2. ...any letter, but the term is usually limited to formal compositions written to a distant individual or group...[used] to characterize certain books of the New Testament
  3. Movement in art emphasizing expression of imagination as realized in dreams and presented without conscious control
  4. A method by which a thing is separated into parts, and those parts are given rigorous, logical, detailed scrutiny, resulting in a consistent and relatively completely account of the elements of the thing and the principles of their organization.
  5. A "leaf" of bright metal placed under a jewel to increase its brilliance...applied to any person who through contrast underscores the distinctive characteristics of another

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  1. PastoralAn illustrative story teaching a lesson (allegory)


  2. Heroic coupletIambic pentameter lines rhymed in pairs


  3. ParodyA composition imitating another, usually serious, piece; designed to ridicule a work or its style or author


  4. ConceitA single, unified strain of exalted lyrical verse, directed to a single purpose, and dealing with one theme...elaborate, dignified, and imaginative


  5. Anaphora(Or anagogy) In biblical and allegorical interpretation, the mystical or spiritual meaning.


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