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  1. Subjective
  2. Ambivalence
  3. Sturm and drang
  4. Invocation
  5. Verisimilitude
  1. a for something expressive in a personal manner of inward convictions, beliefs, dreams, or deals
  2. b The semblance of truth; indicates the degree to which work creates the appearance of truth
  3. c The existence of mutually conflicting feelings or attitudes. The term is often used to describe the contradictory attitudes an author takes toward characters or societies and also to describe a confusion of attitude or response called forth by a work.
  4. d Storm and Stress; a movement in Germany during the last quarter of the 18th century; revolt from French classicism
  5. e An address to a deity for opening address to the Muses (epics)

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  1. A "leaf" of bright metal placed under a jewel to increase its brilliance...applied to any person who through contrast underscores the distinctive characteristics of another
  2. The use of one object to represent or suggest another
  3. ...any letter, but the term is usually limited to formal compositions written to a distant individual or group...[used] to characterize certain books of the New Testament
  4. The characters in a drama, a novel, or a poem. The term is also applied to a listing of the characters in the program of a play, at the beginning of the printed version of a play, or sometimes at the beginning of a novel that contains brief characterizations of the persons of the work and notations about their relationships
  5. ... Emphasized self-knowledge, self-control, RATIONALISM, discipline, and the rule of law, order, and DECORUM in public and private life and in art.

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  1. Sentimentalism1) an overindulgence in emotion, especially the conscious effort to induce emotion in order to enjoy it; 2)optimistic overemphasis of the goodness of humanity


  2. OrationA formal speech delivered in an impassioned manner...heard but rarely in legislative halls, the courtroom, the church


  3. CanonIn a figurative sense, a standard of judgment; a criterion. It is applied the authorized or accepted list of books belonging in the Christian Bible...


  4. AnachronismA concise statement of a principle of precept given in pointed words. For example, "life is short, art is long, opportunity fleeting, experimenting dangerous, reasoning difficult."


  5. MotifA simple element that serves as a basis for expanded narrative; or less strictly, a conventional situation, device, interest, or incident


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