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  1. Suspension of disbelief
  2. Tract
  3. Didacticism
  4. Philology
  5. Annals
  1. a Means the scientific study of both language and, it is the historical study of language
  2. b Narratives of historical events recorded year by year. Annals were frequently written long after the events recorded had taken place, the dating being speculative, especially when efforts were being made to "synchronize" events in secular and in Biblical or ecclesiastical history. The term annals in modern times is used loosely for historical narrative. "The short and simple annals of the poor." -Gray's reference
  3. c The willingness to withhold questions about truth, accuracy, or probability in a work
  4. d Instructiveness in a work, one purpose of which is to give guidance, particularly in moral, ethical, or religious matters. Because all art exists to communicate something - an idea, a teaching, a precept, an emotion, an attitude, a fact, an autobiographical incident, a sensation - the questions...appears to be one of the author's actual or ostensible purpose
  5. e A pamphlet; argumentative document on some religious or political topic

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  1. A simple element that serves as a basis for expanded narrative; or less strictly, a conventional situation, device, interest, or incident
  2. A formal exposition written to clarify some scholarly problem. It is sometimes used interchangeably with thesis, but the usual practice is to reserve dissertation for the more elaborate projects written and to limit the use of thesis to smaller enterprises submitted for the bachelor's or master's degree
  3. The unselective and non evaluative presentation of a segment of life, like an objective of the naturalists
  4. A ___ plot is one in which the principal reversal or peripety results from someone's acquisition of knowledge previously withheld but which works a decisive change
  5. A kind of repetition in which a word or phrase coming last or in another important place in one sentence or line is repeated at the beginning of the next

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  1. Oedipus complexIambic pentameter lines rhymed in pairs


  2. AnthologyLiterally "a gathering of flowers" the term designates a collection of writing, either prose or poetry, usually by various authors


  3. In medias resA work or manner that blends a censorious attitude with humor and wit for improving human institutions or humanity


  4. Sturm and drangForm of dramatic irony in which a character uses words that mean one thing to the speaker and another to those better acquainted with the situation when the character is to become a victim of fate


  5. Deus ex machinaThe employment of some unexpected and improbably incident to make things turn out right. In the ancient Greek theater, when gods appeared, they were lowered from the "machine" or structure above the stage...timely appearance of god...was referred to in Latin as "god from the machine". The term now characterizes any device whereby an author solves a difficult situation by a forced invention


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