Sun,moon, earth. Atmosphere

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What causes the phases of the moon?

the reflection of light from sun and revolution of moon.

Do we see all parts of the moon?

no because it rotates and revolves at the same time.

What causes tides?

moons gravitational pull


Light gray area on the moon


Dark gray areas on the moon


Lunar dust

why do we have seasons?

Tilt of our axis

Whats makes our atmosphere?



Layer closest to earth, were weather occurs


Layer containing our ozone layer


Transfer of thermal energy by electromagnetic waves


Transfer of thermal energy by direct contact


Transfer of thermal energy by heating


measure of the average kinetic energy


Total amount of thermal energy in a system


gas to a liquid


Liquid to a gas


amount of water vapor in the atmosphere at a given

Relative Humidity

ratio of water vapor contained in a specific volume of air compared with how much water vapor and amount of air can be held

how clouds form?

when warm moist air rises

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