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  1. A series of military expeditions launched by Christian Europeans to win the Holy land back from Muslim control.
  2. He was Charles Martel's son. He was king and the Pope asked him for help against the Lombards who were invading. Pepin helps him and defeats them and in turn, the Pope names him king of the Franks. Then Pepin gives the Pope land called the Papal States.
  3. One of Pepin's sons. He organized a good part of Western Europe into a Frankish kingdom. He was a powerful general and a powerful king, and became known as Charlemagne. Which is French for "Charles the Great."

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  1. Concordant of WormsIn 1122 ended the controversy over lay investiture. The emperor agreed that rulers would no longer have the right to appoint bishops; all bishops would be elected and consecrated by church authority,


  2. Holy Roman EmpireThe German emperor who objected to the pope's ruling. He was excommunicted by the pope. The pope told his subjects not to obey him. The pope eventually asked for forgiveness. (Pg 150)


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