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  1. despondent
  2. relinquish
  3. flamboyant
  4. alacrity
  5. facetious
  1. a to let go of or give up
  2. b sarcastic
  3. c quick or lively action
  4. d sad or discouraged
  5. e showy or flashy

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  1. to reproduce, increase or spread rapidly
  2. a hope or ambition of achieving something, strong desire to succeed
  3. remorse for your past conduct, asking for forgiveness
  4. not genuine, not true; fake
  5. uncontrolled, lacking in restraint

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  1. fabricateto make shorter


  2. animositystrong dislike; bitter hostility


  3. earnestsilent


  4. arduousto run off and hide


  5. lucrativeprofitable, bringing in money


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