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  1. retribution
  2. adament
  3. proliferate
  4. inconspicuous
  5. tantalize
  1. a blending in with others
  2. b revenge or payback
  3. c to tease
  4. d to reproduce, increase or spread rapidly
  5. e determined

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  1. commonplace, overused, stale
  2. clumsy, hard to handle, slow moving
  3. to make shorter
  4. feeling hatred; scornful
  5. to overcome or rise above

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  1. repentanceremorse for your past conduct, asking for forgiveness


  2. admonishto caution or advise against something


  3. abscondto run off and hide


  4. impudenceremorse for your past conduct, asking for forgiveness


  5. auspiciousnot genuine, not true; fake


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