MEDA 120 Survey/Anatomy/Physiology - The Respiratory System, Set #4

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MEDA 120 "The Human Body in Health & Disease"; Thibodeau & Patton CH. 14 - The Respiratory System


organ of respiration; right side has three lobes and left side has two lobes


the serous membrane in the thoracic cavity


inflammation of the pleura


total or partial collapse of the alveoli of the lung


abnormal condition in which air is present in the pleural space surrounding the lung, possibly causing collapse of the lung


abnormal condition in which blood is present in the pleural space surrounding the lung, possibly causing collapse of the lung


breathing or pulmonary ventilation

pulmonary ventilation

breathing; process that moves air in and out of the lungs

external respiration

the exchange of gases between air in the lungs and in the blood

internal respiration

the exchange of gases that occurs between the blood and cells of the body


moving air into the lungs; opposite of exhalation or expiration; also known as inhalation


moving air out of the lungs; opposite of inhalation, or inspiration; also known as exhalation

inspiratory muscles

the muscles that increase the size of the thorax, including the diaphragm and external intercostals, and allow air to rush into the lungs

expiratory muscles

muscles that allow more forceful expiration to increase the rate and depth of ventilation; the internal intercostals and the abdominal muscles

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