NCLEX psych therapeutic communication

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therapeutic communication techniques

acknowledgment, clarifying, confrontation, focusing, information giving, open-ended questions, reflecting/restating, silence, keep convo centered on client

forbidden phrases

"you should" "you'll have to" "you can't" "If it were me, I'd..." "why don't you..." "it's the policy on this unit" "don't worry" "everyone..." "why?" "just a second..." "I know..."


incorporation of values of an admired person into one's own ego structure.


seperation of unacceptable feelings from one's thoughts (ie a nurse isolates her feelings from a traumatic situation so she can care for the pt)

Reaction formation

develop conscious attitudes opposite of what is really felt (IE a person who doesn't like animals volunteers at an animal shelter)

Repression V supression

repression unconscious, supression conscious .


substitute unacceptable feeling by acceptable one (IE a kid who feels too small to be a football player becomes a swimmer)

When is ECT used

in extremely depressed or suicidal client in which antidepressants don't work, or immediately suicidal clients because antidepressants take 2 weeks to start working.

Care prior to ECT

Give anticholinergic 30 minutes prior to dry oral secretions, quick acting muscle relaxant is given just before, have crash cart suction and O2 in room.

Care after ECT

MAINTAIN AIRWAY (may vomit while unconscious). Vitals Q15 till stable. Reorient (client confused upon awakening) common complaints=h/a, muscle soreness, N/V.

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