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  1. Primary function of the hindbrain
  2. Primary function of the midbrain
  3. How to separate observations from inferences
  4. Types of family structure
  5. Infancy
  1. a Note-taking and note-making
  2. b Divorced, Single parent, Stepparents, Extended family, Adoptive parents, Foster care, Same sex parents, Adolescent parents
  3. c Birth to 2 years
  4. d Connects hindbrain to the forebrain and acts as a relay station between the two. Sends messages to the forebrain about priorities of attention
  5. e Controls basic physiological processes that sustain survival (i.e. breathing, blood pressure, sleep, etc.)

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  1. Small group of participants that can be statistically related to the larger population
  2. Mother's health, exposure to teratogens, genetic vulnerabilities, physical structure of the womb
  3. Authoritative, Authoritarian, Permissive, Uninvolved
  4. Forebrain - allows children to learn and develop individual personalities
  5. memory, interpretation, defensiveness, response style, cultural bias, motivation, observer's bias

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  1. GeneticsBirth to 2 years


  2. Genetic defect that causes Down SyndromeExtra 21st chromosome or piece of one


  3. AssessmentThe main component of nurture


  4. The 5 developmental stagesInfancy, early childhood, middle childhood, early adolescence, and late adolescence


  5. Authoritative style parentingEmotional warmth, high expectations and standards, consistent enforcement of rules, explains rules, inclusion of children in decision-making (Ideal)


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