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  1. friend of Romeo; quick-tempered; killed by Tybalt
  2. tragic heroine of the play; defies her parent's wishes and chooses to die next to Romeo.
  3. Franciscan brother who marries Romeo & Juliet hoping to restore peace between the two families.
  4. Juliet's cousin; killed by Romeo
  5. The news of her son's banishment breaks her heart and she dies of grief.

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  1. the apothecaryJuliet's cousin; killed by Romeo


  2. Lord CapuletExpects Juliet to obey her father and marry Paris; she seeks revenge for Tybalt's death


  3. Romeohis love shifts from Rosaline to Juliet; he mistakenly believes Juliet to be dead and kills himself


  4. Nurseshe provides much comic relief in the tragedy; advises Juliet to marry Paris even though she knows Juliet is married to Romeo.


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