Latin 1 Verbs

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verbs for chapters 18-33

owe, ought

debeo, debere, debui, debitus

hasten, ripen

matuor, maturare, maturavi, maturatus

discuss, live, spend (time)

ago, agere, egi, actus

away from, yield, give away, retreat

cedo, cedere, cessi, cessurus


accedo, accedere, acessi, accessurus


defendo, defendere, defendi, defensus

look out for, await

exspecto, exspectare, exspectavi, exspectatus

let go, send

mitto. mittere, misi, misus

out, place

pono. ponere, posui, positus

take, seize

capio, capere, cepi, captustus


accipio, accipere, accepi, acceptus

do, make

facio, facere, feci, factus


venio, venire, veni, venturus

find, come upon

invenio, invenire, inveni, inventus

lead, draw

duco, ducere, duxi, ductus

bring about, produce, effect

efficio, efficere, effeci, effectus

tell, relate

narro, narrare, narravi, narratus

say, tell

dico, dicere, dixi, dictus

runaway, flee

fugio, fugere, fugi, fugiturus

be strong, be well

valeo, valere, valui, valiturus

affect, afflict with

afficio, afficere, affeci, affectus

carry on, wage

gero, gerere, gessi, gestus

take on, begin

incipio, incipere, incepi, inceptus


audio, audire, audivi, auditus

hold (together), contain

contineo, continere, continui, contentus

draw, drag

traho, trahere, traxi, tractus

come together

convenio, convenire, conveni, convemtis

call together

convoco, convovare, convovavi, convocatus

lead back

reduco, reducere, reduxi, lectus

gather, choose, read

lego, legere, lexo, lectus


scribo, scribere, scripsi, scriptus

join together, commit, entrust

committo, committere, commisi, commisus

begin battle

prelium commito

hasten, hurry

proper, properare, properavi, properatus

call, name

appello, appellarem, apellavi, appellatus

let go, lise

ammito, ammitere, amisi, amisus

be away

absum, abesse, afui, afuturus


nosco, noscere, novi, notus

go forward, advance

procedo, precedire, processi, processurus

lead out

produco, producere, produxi, productus

hold back, keep

retineo, retinere, retinui, retentus

desire, wish, want

cupio, cupere, cupivi, cupitus

let go, send away

dimitto, dimittere, dimisi, dimissus

hesitate, doubt

dubito, dubitare, dubitavi, dubitatus

go away, depart

discedo, descedere, discessi, discessurus


iubeo, iuberem iussi, iussus

take back, recover

recipio, recipere, recepi, receptus

remove, move back

removeo, removere, removi, remotus

put forward, offer

propono, proponere, proposui, propositus

undertake, take up, start

suscipio, suscipere, suscepi, susceptus

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