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  1. Second Negative
  2. Las chicas quieren algún postre, pero Carlos no quiere ningún postre
  3. Double Negative
  4. Ningún/Ninguno
  5. Nadie
  1. a if a negative word, such as nunca or nadie, comes before the verb, a second negative is not needed
  2. b no one (negative)
  3. c The girls want some dessert, but Carlos doesn't want any dessert
  4. d none, not any (negative)
  5. e a double negative is required in Spanish when no precedes the verb

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  1. alguno--> algún
  2. neither, either (negative)
  3. something (affirmative)
  4. always (affirmtive)
  5. someone (affirmative)

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  1. Nuncanever (negative)


  2. Verbs Precededalways (affirmtive)


  3. No quiero nadanever (negative)


  4. Las chicas nunca comen en casathe girls never eat at home


  5. Nadie quiere postreno one wants dessert


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