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  1. Why do scientists say that males determine the sex of the offspring?
  2. What is the difference between an autosome and a sex chromosome? How many of each are found in a gamete and in a somatic cell?
  3. What are transcription facts?
  4. What are the 3 types of RNA? Describe each.
  5. How can drugs enter the body?
  1. a Implantation, Injection, Inhalation
  2. b Sex chromosome: chromosomes that determine the sex of a offspring
    1 in human gametes
    2 in human somatic cells

    Autosomes: chromosomes that carry genes for all trats except the sex of the offspring.
    22 in human gametes
    44 in human somatic cells
  3. c They regulatory proteins and activate or repress transcription of specific genes
  4. d mRNA formed by transcription, complimentary strand to the DNA sequence of a gene, carries instructions for the making of a protein from the nucleus to the ribosomes

    tRNA reads the mRNA by binding to the codon on the mRNA with the anticodon located on one end of the tRNA at the ribosome during translation, carries a specific amino acid for the codon on the other end of the tRNA, translates it into an amino acid sequence when subsequent amino acids are joined together

    rRNA together these for the ribosome, is the site of protein synthesis
  5. e The male gamete can either carry the X sex chromosome or the Y sex chromosome where the female only carries the 2 Xs to contribute to the offspring.

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  1. Chromosomes that are similar in shape, size and kind of chromosomes they carry.
  2. ...
  3. ...
  4. The idea that species do not always evolve gradually but actually pretty quickly as their is a sudden dramatic change in environmental pressures causing an increase in many new species to evolve
  5. Spermatogenesis is for males and it goes through meiosis 1 and meiosis 2 to create 4 haploid gametes that change into sperm cells.

    Oogenesis is for females and it goes through 2 stages of meiosis to create 1 ovum and 3 other polar bodies.

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  1. Which drug is hardest to quit after one use?1) friends who use
    2) low self esteem
    3) lack of involvement in activities
    4) availability of drugs


  2. Chapter 13Mutation in the cell cycle


  3. What are the base pairing rules in DNA? RNA?1) friends who use
    2) low self esteem
    3) lack of involvement in activities
    4) availability of drugs


  4. Describe the proof that evolution happensFossil record- shows a pattern of gradual change from past to present

    Biogeography- shows that similar environmental conditions contribute to similar development

    Developmental biology- shows similarity in embryonic development in organisms deriving from a common ancestor

    Anatomy- shows similarity of structures n organisms that are related or descended from a common ancestor

    Biochemistry- similarity in amino acid sequences of proteins or DNA give evidence of common ancestry


  5. Who discovered that genetic material is DNA?Bacterial STDs, Viral STDs, Parasitic STDs


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