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Biology 2nd Semester Final Test

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  1. Who discovered that genetic material is DNA?
  2. Chapter 16
  3. What are the types of chromosomal mutation? Describe each?
  4. What are some problems associated with nicotine dependence?
  5. What causes secondary sex characteristics in males and females? What secondary sex characteristics do males and females show?
  1. a deletion- occurs when a piece of chromosome is lost

    duplication-occurs when a piece remains attached to its homologous chromosome after meiosis

    inversion- occurs when a piece reattaches to its original chromosome but in the reverse direction

    translocation- occurs when a chromosome piece breaks off and reattaches to a completely different non homologous chromosome
  2. b ...
  3. c Hershey and Chase
  4. d Some problems include: rewiring of the brain when used, dulls taste buds, constricts blood vessels, increase heart rate and blood pressure, prevents lungs from absorbing oxygen properly, causes lung cancer and increase risk of other forms of cancer, major cause of death from heart and blood vessel disease and stroke, and cause of gum disease and tooth loss.
  5. e Males: testosterone / Secondary traits:
    increase in height, longer and heavier bones, broader shoulders, thicker and tougher skin, deepened voice, facial hair, pubic hair, body hair, enlarged penis, scrotum, testes and formation of sperm

    Females: estrogen / Secondary traits:
    weight gain in breast, hips and buttocks, increase height, widening of hip, softer and smoother skin, growth of pubic hair and underarm hair, increase in breast size, enlargement of external genitalia, formation of ova, beginning of menstruation

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  1. 1) They have very contrasting traits
    2) Can both self-pollinate and cross pollinate
    3) Easy to grow
  2. The link between microevolution and macroevolution, and is the formation of new species
  3. The male gamete can either carry the X sex chromosome or the Y sex chromosome where the female only carries the 2 Xs to contribute to the offspring.
  4. Tobacco
  5. To determine genotype of a parent who is expressing the dominate allele; to see if this parent is homozygous dominant or heterozygous.

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  1. HealthThe link between microevolution and macroevolution, and is the formation of new species


  2. What is the difference between an intron and an exon?Introns are non-coding segments of mRNA which are cut out of the mRNA after transcription
    Exons are coding segments of mRNA which are spliced together after the introns have been removed.


  3. What is the difference between an autosome and a sex chromosome? How many of each are found in a gamete and in a somatic cell?A dominant allele is always expressed if it is present while the recessive allele is submissive to the dominant allele and isn't expressed unless paired with another recessive.
    D- dominant
    d- recessive


  4. What is endosymbiotic theory? Which organelles does it apply to?The process of change by which new species develop from preexisting species over time
    The idea of natural election if why evolution happens
    Individuals with traits advantageous to survival will produce more offspring
    Over time the number of individuals possessing those traits will increase in a population


  5. What makes one protein different from another?The sequence of amino acids.


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