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  1. What does sex linked mean? Which chromosomes usually carries sex-linked traits?
  2. What is evolution? Why does it occur?
  3. What is a yeast infection?
  4. Chapter 11
  5. How many chromosomes does someone with Down Syndrome have?
  1. a Sex linked- the allele for the trait is located on the sex chromosomes
    Usually carried on the X chromosome
  2. b Is a vaginal infection caused by a fungal organism causing discharge, vaginal itching, painful urination and can usually be cured by pre scripted medicine.
  3. c 47 chromosomes
    Down's is caused by trisomy 21
    Caused by non disjunction of chromosomes during meiosis
  4. d The process of change by which new species develop from preexisting species over time
    The idea of natural election if why evolution happens
    Individuals with traits advantageous to survival will produce more offspring
    Over time the number of individuals possessing those traits will increase in a population
  5. e ...

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  1. Tobacco
  2. Purines are bases of DNA (Adenine and Guanine)
    -composed of 2 rings of carbon and nitrogen per base
    Pyrimidines are bases of DNA (Thymine and Cytosine)
    -composed of one ring of carbon and nitrogen atoms per base
  3. The effects are similar but using illegal drugs or using legal drugs illegally increase the risk of jail time.
  4. Affected by environment
    Presence of other cells
    Timing of gene expression
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  1. Why do scientists say that males determine the sex of the offspring?The male gamete can either carry the X sex chromosome or the Y sex chromosome where the female only carries the 2 Xs to contribute to the offspring.


  2. Can scientists predict the path of evolution?Overproduction- every population is capable of more producing more offspring than can survive
    Variation- exists in every population, is the variation of inherited traits
    Selection- individuals with specific traits are more or less likely to survive and have successful offspring
    Adaptation- traits that improve survival and reproduction will become more common


  3. What are homologous structures? What information do they provide us with?Characteristics that are similar in two or more species and that have been inherited from a common ancestor of those species.
    Provides information of common ancestry between species.


  4. What is the difference between the haploid number and the diploid number?Introns are non-coding segments of mRNA which are cut out of the mRNA after transcription
    Exons are coding segments of mRNA which are spliced together after the introns have been removed.


  5. Why are inhalants usually the first drug used?1) friends who use
    2) low self esteem
    3) lack of involvement in activities
    4) availability of drugs


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