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  1. food vacuoles
  2. endoplasmic reticulum
  3. vesicles
  4. organelles
  5. smooth er
  1. a membrane-enclosed compartments
  2. b surface lacks ribosomes
  3. c consists of a network of membranous tubules and called cisternae. Site for protein synthesis.
  4. d membrane-bounded vesicles formed by phagocytosis
  5. e sacs made of membrane

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  1. structures that carry the genetic information
  2. surface has ribosomes
  3. used to study the internal ultra structure of cells.
  4. vesicles in transit from one part of the cell to another
  5. the DNA is concentrated in the nucleoid

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  1. cytoplasma semi fluid, jellylike substance


  2. eukaryotic cellof the DNA is in an organelle called the nucleus which is bounded by a double membrane


  3. contractile vacuolesdevelops by the coalescence of smaller vacuoles themselves derived from the GA and ER.


  4. phagocytosiseat by engulfing smaller organisms or other food particles


  5. electron microscopefocuses a beam of electrons through the specimen or onto its surface.


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