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  1. Two or more consonants are repeated, but the adjacent vowels differ EX: The friend frowned...He was killed by the cold
  2. The same consonant sound is repeated at the beginning of several words that are in close proximity EX: Moping and Melancholy...
  3. A rhyme in which the stress is on the second from last syllable EX: Picky, Thicky, Sticky
  4. the same or similar vowels sounds are repeated in the stressed syllables of words that are in close proximity while the consonants differ EX: The guns sound like thunder, drums, and trumpets drowning out every other sound

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  1. CacophonyA harsh, discordant mixture of sounds. EX: My fingers clicked, through the sound of my chuckling, they knuckle the keys


  2. OnomatopoeiaThe sound of the word imitates the sound of the thing for which the word denotes EX: Her snifflinf turned into growling, and then into howling


  3. Slight Rhymesounds like it rhymes when you say it but it doesnt


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