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  1. A rhyme in which the stress is on the second from last syllable EX: Picky, Thicky, Sticky
  2. The same consonant sound is repeated at the beginning of several words that are in close proximity EX: Moping and Melancholy...
  3. The sound of the word imitates the sound of the thing for which the word denotes EX: Her snifflinf turned into growling, and then into howling
  4. Feels like it should rhyme EX: Gain and Again

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  1. EuphonyThe quality of being pleasing to the ear, especially through a harmonious combination of words EX: We welcome the season of morning mists, of peaceful summer evenings.


  2. Near RhymeRhyme that occurs within a single line (as opposed to traditional "end rhyme") EX: The one with the gun on the is not to be trusted


  3. Assonancethe same or similar vowels sounds are repeated in the stressed syllables of words that are in close proximity while the consonants differ EX: The guns sound like thunder, drums, and trumpets drowning out every other sound


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