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Business Japanese Step 18 Test

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  1. 締め切る
  2. 結ぶ
  3. 調べる
  4. 申し入れる
  5. 打ち切る
  1. a むすぶ
    tie, join, conclude (an agreement)
  2. b もうしいれる
    request, propose, offer
  3. c しめきる
    set the deadline date, set the cut off date, (shut, tighten) stop accepting (application), close (the door)
  4. d うちきる
    bring to an end, discontinue (doing something)
  5. e しらべる
    check, investigate

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. みこむ
    forecast, expect
  2. かりいれる
    borrow (for oneself)
  3. しはらう
  4. ふみきる
    (have the boldness) to embark (on something), take (a plunge), decide
  5. ひびく
    influence, affect, echo

5 True/False Questions

  1. 乗り出すのりだす
    begin, set about, embark on


  2. 残るわる
    break, fall below (a certain level)


  3. 問うとう
    question, inquire


  4. 割り込むわりこむ
    fall below, break into (a line, etc.), squeeze into


  5. 動き出すうちだす


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