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  1. pharynx
  2. excretory system
  3. amylase
  4. nephron
  5. jejunum (part of small intestine)
  1. a villi absorbs amino acids, sugars, fatty acids, & glycerol so that what is passed onto the large intestine is a thin, watery substance almost devoid of nutrients
  2. b throat. food passes through here from mouth to esophagus
  3. c enzyme in saliva
    breaks down starch
  4. d building block of kidney
  5. e -filtration

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  1. tubes which transport urine from kidneys to bladder
  2. separated from stomach by duodenal sphincter., ultimate destruction of food digestion reaches completion
  3. -majority of digestion & nutrient absorption takes place
    -surface is covered w/ villi which increase SA for nutrient absorption
  4. -muscular tube which leads to stomach
    -a valve (esophageal sphincter) separates it from stomach
  5. -important for metabolism.
    -involved in production & breakdown of proteins
    -produces & breaks down glycogen and toxins
    -bile is secreted

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  1. gallbladdersite storage of urine


  2. salibary glands-stores bile -> breaks down fats
    -releases bile into the duodenum


  3. bladder-stores bile -> breaks down fats
    -releases bile into the duodenum


  4. stomachhas muscular wall lined w/ mucus -> contains gastric enzymes and acid (pH 1) for breaking down food


  5. large intestine (colon)-waste produced. water absorbed/ its removal produces feces
    -final part is rectum


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