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  1. exfoliation
  2. scar, cicatrix
  3. cicatrix
  4. ecchymosis
  5. nummular
  1. a coin-sized and coin-shaped
  2. b a scar
  3. c a mark remaining after the healing of a wound or other morbid process
  4. d bruise, caused by bleeding under the skin
  5. e a falling off in scales or layers

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  1. eating or gnawing away (e.g. an early ulcer)
  2. any pathologic or traumatic discontinuity of tissue (e.g. a sore)
  3. breaking out; a rash
  4. abnormal hairiness, especially in women
  5. baldness; hereditary or caused by chemotherapy

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  1. albinismno body pigment; white skin and hair


  2. keloidswelling; may be benign or malignant; also called a neoplasm


  3. scales, crustsan outer layer formed by drying of a bodily exudate or secretion; flaking type of lesion (e.g. psoriasis, fungus)


  4. bulla (-ae)a small, circumscribed, solid elevated lesion of the skin (e.g. wart, acne, mole)


  5. paronychiainflammation of the fold of tissue around the fingernail


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