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  1. Write a formula to determine if all of the items are within budget
  2. What is the formula to determine the number of cars that cost less than 20,000?
  3. What formula would you use if you wanted to set a conditional format of cell a3 using the formula is method-such that the item name would be shade in yellow if this item has an actual cost of at least 400
  4. #REF
  5. Syntax
  1. a The specific format of a function including the function name and the order of the arguments
  2. b You have to ttell it to shade yellow, so it should be conditional format using the Formula is method to create one. Use =$D3>=400, indicate to shade yellow, applying to $A$3:$A$8.
  3. c =And(E3:E8)
  4. d =countif(B2:B10,"<=20000")
  5. e Invalid cell reference

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  1. Excel charts require at least one numeric data series and at least one label data series
  2. A function input (when putting a number and how many decimal places)
  3. Box has insufficient width
  4. Gives a number between 0 and 1
  5. Unrecognized text in formula (mispelling)

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  1. What formula to find the smallest value in the cells?Average


  2. The result_vector of a lookup function must be sorted in ascending orderParenthesis
    Multiplication and division
    Adding and subtracting


  3. In the chapter, original labor rate for inspectors was given as 35 per hour. However, the value is 37.50. What algebraic expression could you use to determine the percent increase in labor cost?=(37.50-35)/35


  4. List the orders of operations in orderParenthesis
    Multiplication and division
    Adding and subtracting


  5. Reference and lookup functions may not contain nested functions as argumentsFalse


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