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  1. Write a formula to generate a random integer value between 10 and 20
  2. What is the formula to determine the number of cars that cost less than 20,000?
  3. The formula =Round(345.43,0) results in what precise value?
  4. What value would the following formula return? =IF(D4<=C4, "Within budget", "Over budget")
  5. What are the three steps involved in using the insert tab to create a chart?
  1. a =countif(B2:B10,"<=20000")
  2. b It would give over budget because D4 is greater then C4, statement is false therefore it gives over budget.
  3. c =Randbetween(10,20)
  4. d Select data you wish to display
    Click insert tab
    Click a button in charts group or dialogue box launcher
  5. e 345

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  1. The specific format of a function including the function name and the order of the arguments
  2. =B2+ Randbetween(50,250)
  3. True
  4. Average
  5. Min

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  1. Write a formula to dtermine if at least one item is within budget=Not(E3:E8)


  2. What is the formula to determine the total value of all ford cars?=Sumif(A2:A10,"Ford",B2:B10)


  3. In a Vlookup formula with a true lookup type, the first column of the lookup table referenced must be in ascending order to retrieve the correct value.True


  4. Write a formula to determine if true or false only the required items (r) are within budget.=And(Or(E3:E5,B7), Not(Or(E6,E8)))


  5. What formula to find the total number of values listen in cells that contain text?Count


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