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  1. The rows and column arguments in the INDEX functions can be numeric values, Boolean values, or text
  2. Write a formula to generate a random integer value between 10 and 20
  3. #Num
  4. What formula would you use if you wanted to set a conditional format of cell a3 using the formula is method-such that the item name would be shade in yellow if this item has an actual cost of at least 400
  5. What formula to find the smallest value in the cells?
  1. a =Randbetween(10,20)
  2. b Min
  3. c Invalid numeric values in a formula or function
  4. d You have to ttell it to shade yellow, so it should be conditional format using the Formula is method to create one. Use =$D3>=400, indicate to shade yellow, applying to $A$3:$A$8.
  5. e True

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  1. =And(Or(E3:E5,B7), Not(Or(E6,E8)))
  2. False
  3. =Median(2,5,4,3,1,2,7)
  4. =Countif(A2:A10,"GM")
  5. False, descending

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  1. Write a formula to dtermine if none of items are within budget=roundup


  2. Write a formula in cell F3 that can be copied down the column to dtermine if this food item is not within budget=IF(D3>C3,"True","False")


  3. If each car shown in Question 11 is marked up between 50 and 250 increments, what function could be used to randomly assign the amount to be added to the car price in this formula?=B2+ Randbetween(50,250)


  4. =OR(3>5, True)Wrong Argument type or operation


  5. Write a formula to determine the average price of only Ford vehicles using the worksheet in question 11.=Averageif(A2:A10,"Ford",B2:B10)


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