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  1. #Num
  2. The default range_lookup type for the Vlookup and Hlookup functions is false
  3. What formula to find the total number of values listen in cells that contain text?
  4. Write a formula to generate a random integer value between 10 and 20
  5. What is the Countif formula to count the number of GM cars on this list?
  1. a Invalid numeric values in a formula or function
  2. b =Countif(A2:A10,"GM")
  3. c Count
  4. d =Randbetween(10,20)
  5. e False

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  1. =average(2,5,4,3,1,2,7)
  2. False
  3. =Median(2,5,4,3,1,2,7)
  4. =Round(Average(A10:A20),-1)
  5. True because all are false so its going to come back false, but it says not, so it is the opposite

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  1. =OR(3>5, True)True because one of the two separated by the comma has to be true


  2. Write a formula to round up 63.34% to the nearest percent=roundup


  3. How do sparklines differ from charts?Small word-sized charts or graphics are embedded within the words, numbers, and images they represent in a worksheet, making multiple comparisons of trends and patters much easier.


  4. What is the formula to determine the number of cars that cost less than 20,000?=countif(B2:B10,"<=20000")


  5. Using the worksheet shown in Question 11, write a formula to determine the value of the third most expensive car=Sumif(A2:A10,"Ford",B2:B10)


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