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  1. What formula is used in cell E3, which can be copied down the column to determine True or false if this item is within budget?
  2. The result_vector of a lookup function must be sorted in ascending order
  3. #######
  4. If you enter =2+4*10 exactly as shown, what value would result?
  5. Write a formula to determine if true or false only the required items (r) are within budget.
  1. a Box has insufficient width
  2. b 42
  3. c =If(D3<C3, "True","False")
  4. d =And(Or(E3:E5,B7), Not(Or(E6,E8)))
  5. e False, descending

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  1. It would give over budget because D4 is greater then C4, statement is false therefore it gives over budget.
  2. 345
  3. True because all are false so its going to come back false, but it says not, so it is the opposite
  4. A wider range of value
  5. =And(E3:E8)

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  1. The formula -MATCH(40,{10,40,50,90},0) returns the value 2True


  2. In the chapter, original labor rate for inspectors was given as 35 per hour. However, the value is 37.50. What algebraic expression could you use to determine the percent increase in labor cost?<>


  3. The formula =Average(Choose(1,B12:D17,B22:D17)) average the value 1 with the values in cells b12 to D17 and B22 D17False


  4. The formula =INDEX((B2:D7,B12:D17,B22:D17),2,3,2) returns the value in cell D13True


  5. How do you change the chart type of an existing chart?Go to the design ribbon and click change chart type


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