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  1. What formula to find the smallest value in the cells?
  2. #N/A
  3. Give an example of a low data ink ratio in a chart.
  4. Which excell function should you use when you want to look up a value from a two dimensional table, where both columns and rows can be varied?
  5. What formula could you write to average the values in cells A10 through A20, excluding blank cells, rounded to the nearest 10?
  1. a No Answer
  2. b =Round(Average(A10:A20),-1)
  3. c INDEX
  4. d 9 colors with only 4 cells with data.
  5. e Min

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  1. bar chart is horizontal and column is vertical (highlight tab)
  2. Wrong Argument type or operation
  3. Division by zero
  4. =And(E3:E8)
  5. =roundup

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  1. AND(A2>6, NOT(FALSE)) where A2 contians the value 25Average


  2. ArgumentsUnrecognized text in formula (mispelling)


  3. What is the formula to determine the number of cars that cost less than 20,000?=Sumif(A2:A10,"Ford",B2:B10)


  4. What formula to find the total number of values listen in cells that contain text?Min


  5. If each car shown in Question 11 is marked up between 50 and 250 increments, what function could be used to randomly assign the amount to be added to the car price in this formula?=B2+ Randbetween(50,250)


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