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  1. The formula =RAND() gives what result?
  2. What formula is used in cell E3, which can be copied down the column to determine True or false if this item is within budget?
  3. List and describe the significance of each of Tufts five data graphics principles
  4. #NAME?
  5. The formula =Round(345.43,0) results in what precise value?
  1. a Above all else, show data
    Maximize the data-ink ration, within reason
    Erase non-data ink, within reason
    Erase redundant data ink, within reason
    Revise and eit
  2. b Gives a number between 0 and 1
  3. c =If(D3<C3, "True","False")
  4. d 345
  5. e Unrecognized text in formula (mispelling)

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  1. False, descending
  2. The specific format of a function including the function name and the order of the arguments
  3. 42
  4. Go to the design ribbon and click change chart type
  5. A function input (when putting a number and how many decimal places)

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  1. If each car shown in Question 11 is marked up between 50 and 250 increments, what function could be used to randomly assign the amount to be added to the car price in this formula?False


  2. List the orders of operations in orderTrue because all are false so its going to come back false, but it says not, so it is the opposite


  3. What charting limits does excel have in terms of data points and series?Max


  4. Write a formula to round up 63.34% to the nearest percent=roundup


  5. How would you bold a cell when the value is greater than 50?Min


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