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  1. The formula =INDEX((B2:D7,B12:D17,B22:D17),2,3,2) returns the value in cell D13
  2. What formula would you use if you wanted to set a conditional format of cell a3 using the formula is method-such that the item name would be shade in yellow if this item has an actual cost of at least 400
  3. Algorithm
  4. Which excell function should you use when you want to look up a value from a two dimensional table, where both columns and rows can be varied?
  1. a You have to ttell it to shade yellow, so it should be conditional format using the Formula is method to create one. Use =$D3>=400, indicate to shade yellow, applying to $A$3:$A$8.
  2. b A rule that governs how a function works. A systematic set of procedures that the computer always steps through to calculate the results of a function
  3. c True
  4. d INDEX

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  1. A wider range of value
  2. False
  3. Wrong Argument type or operation
  4. XY scatter chart requires 2 values to compare (highlight tab)
  5. =IF(B3="O",C3,C3*3)

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  1. Write a formula to dtermine if none of items are within budget=Not(E3:E8)


  2. Reference and lookup functions may not contain nested functions as argumentsFalse, descending


  3. How would you bold a cell when the value is greater than 50?conditional formatting, highlight cell rules, greater than


  4. List and describe the significance of each of Tufts five data graphics principles9 colors with only 4 cells with data.


  5. The formula =Average(Choose(1,B12:D17,B22:D17)) average the value 1 with the values in cells b12 to D17 and B22 D17False


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