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World History I The High Middle Ages ch10 Test

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  1. tournament
  2. Thomas Aquinas
  3. Cluny
  4. middle class
  5. bourgeoisie
  1. a scholar who found no conflict between faith and reason, believed that basic religious truth could be proven by logical argument, Dominican,University of Paris,wrote Summa Theologiae
  2. b a monastery founded by Duke of Aquitaine, it was not a monastery of personal wealth or power but it was subjected only to the pope not bishops or lords
  3. c in medieval france people who lived in burghs or towns rather than in rular areas
  4. d mock battles between knights
  5. e In Middle ages composed of people who were neither peasants or nobles but townspeople

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  1. German ruler who was made at the pope for the reforms that he made, was then excommunicated by pope Gregory VII for disobeying and he then begged for forgivness
  2. the buying and selling of church offices
  3. pope who claimed to be the leader of all Christendom, wanted to reunite Byzantine and Roman Christians, made the First Crusade
  4. capital of the Byzantine empire which was sacked during the Foruth Crusade and was controlled by the crusaders for 57 years
  5. a person who lives in a town or burgh

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  1. squirean association of people who work at the same occupation


  2. Inquisitionfirst meant a group of scholars, people ,ade up the medieval university. An institution where people got educated and became scholars


  3. Canossathe law of the Roman Catholic church


  4. crusadeHoly city for Jews, Muslims, and Catholics. It was undle the Turks control but it was recaptured during the First Crusade and after lost again


  5. Romanesqueearliest order of friars, who got name from Dominic, a spenish priest who walked barefoot through southern France and preached against heresy. Was a scholar.


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