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  1. guild
  2. interdict
  3. middle class
  4. lay investiture
  5. Dominic
  1. a an association of people who work at the same occupation
  2. b an order from the pope prohibitinhg Church ceremonies in the lands of a ruler who is disobedient to the pope
  3. c the feudal ceremony of investiture performed by a person who is not a member of the clergy
  4. d earliest order of friars, who got name from Dominic, a spenish priest who walked barefoot through southern France and preached against heresy. Was a scholar.
  5. e In Middle ages composed of people who were neither peasants or nobles but townspeople

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  1. at around of age 14 the page became the squire, he helped the knight with his armor and weapons and he practiced his own skills with sword and lance on horseback
  2. gatherings on which goods were sold
  3. pope who claimed to be the leader of all Christendom, wanted to reunite Byzantine and Roman Christians, made the First Crusade
  4. a person who after completing an apprenticeship, works at a craft for wages under the supervision of a master
  5. poets who sang the praises of noble ladies and the knights who loved them

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  1. Francis of AssisiHoly Roman emperor who made a peace treaty with Saladin's nephew over Jerusalem and it was returned to Christian rule. The pope called this a pact with the devil and excomunicated Fredrick


  2. Marie of Champagnemade love subject of study like law or logic and she made the Court of Love daughter of Elenor of Aquitaine


  3. Gothic1 tenth of a family's yearly income that was given to the church


  4. Holy LandWilliam's grandson, increased roayl power, sent judges around the country to collect taxes, settle lawsuits, and punish crimes, introduced the jury


  5. Curialeading bishops who chose the future popes


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