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  1. burgher
  2. tournament
  3. troubadours
  4. apprentice
  5. tithe
  1. a 1 tenth of a family's yearly income that was given to the church
  2. b a person who is learning a trade or craft from a master and who works without pay except for room and board
  3. c a person who lives in a town or burgh
  4. d poets who sang the praises of noble ladies and the knights who loved them
  5. e mock battles between knights

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  1. the law of the Roman Catholic church
  2. In Middle ages composed of people who were neither peasants or nobles but townspeople
  3. the popes staff and advisors, supplied the pope with information, advice, and carried out decisions
  4. made love subject of study like law or logic and she made the Court of Love daughter of Elenor of Aquitaine
  5. English king who went to the kings crusade to recapture Jerusalem fought with Saladin but respected him, in the end they came to an agreement

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  1. Holy LandJerusalem and the cities where Jesus was, it was the holy land for Roman Catholics and the popes wanted it recaptured; The biblical region of Palestine.


  2. Harold GodwinsonEnglish nobleman, he claimed England at the same time as William did. They fought at the Battle of Hastings and William won


  3. Constantinopleleading bishops who chose the future popes


  4. fallowland left unseeded during a growing season


  5. Cistercian ordercapital of the Byzantine empire which was sacked during the Foruth Crusade and was controlled by the crusaders for 57 years


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