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  1. heresy
  2. jury
  3. fallow
  4. squire
  5. Hugh Capet
  1. a at around of age 14 the page became the squire, he helped the knight with his armor and weapons and he practiced his own skills with sword and lance on horseback
  2. b a group of people sworn to give a verdict based on evidence in a court of law; in medival England usually 12 neighbors who answered questions about the facts of a case for the royal judge
  3. c undistinguished Duke from the middle of France, began the capetian dinasty and chosen as the king, he was controlled by feudal lords of france
  4. d land left unseeded during a growing season
  5. e religious beliefs or opinions that were were different from the dogma of the church

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  1. son of a rich merchant who gave up of his wealth and turned to preaching when he was about 20 years old
  2. scholar who found no conflict between faith and reason, believed that basic religious truth could be proven by logical argument, Dominican,University of Paris,wrote Summa Theologiae
  3. earliest order of friars, who got name from Dominic, a spenish priest who walked barefoot through southern France and preached against heresy. Was a scholar.
  4. the body of law that developed, case by case, from the rulings of England's royal judges
  5. made love subject of study like law or logic and she made the Court of Love daughter of Elenor of Aquitaine

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  1. Byzantine empireGerman-italian empire at first called, Roman Empire of the German Nations, Otto's empire


  2. Song of Rolandheroic poem(chansons de geste)that praised the courage of the band of French soldiers led by Roland who perished in battle during Charlemagne's reign


  3. journeymanmock battles between knights


  4. CanossaItalian town in which Henry IV begged forgivness from pope Gregory VII


  5. William the Conquerorking of normany who claimed England, he fought with Godwinson at Battle of Hastings and won


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