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  1. D-Day
  2. General Dwight D. Eisenhower
  3. Congress of Racial Equality
  4. McCarthyism
  5. Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party
  1. a Led the allied invasion of North Africa and planned and executed the D-Day invasion at Normandy and the battle of the bulge
  2. b June 6, 1944 - Led by Eisenhower, over a million troops (the largest invasion force in history) stormed the beaches at Normandy and began the process of re-taking France. The turning point of World War II.
  3. c Group that sent its own delegates to the Democratic National Convention in 1964 to protest discrimination against black voters in Mississippi
  4. d CORE was a civil rights organization. They were famous for freedom rides which drew attention to Southern barbarity, leading to the passing of civil rights legislation.
  5. e The term associated with Senator Joseph McCarthy who led the search for communists in America during the early 1950s through his leadership in the House Un-American Activities Committee.

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  1. South Vietnamese president that was catholic and strongly opposed communism. His poor leadership and corrupt government spelled doom
  2. Successor to ENIAC; "Universal Automatic Computer"; handled business data; LAUNCHED THE COMP REVOLUTION; allowed Americans to work more efficiently
  3. The Holocaust took place in Europe between 1993 and 1945. Six million Jews were systematically and brutally murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators. Millions of non-Jews, including Roma and Sinti(Gypsies), Serbs, political dissidents, people with disabilities, homosexuals and Jehova's Witnesses, were also persecuted by the Nazis.
  4. Was a two-time Oscar-nominated American film actor. Dean's status as a cultural icon is best embodied in the title of his most celebrated film, Rebel Without a Cause
  5. African American movement that focused on gaining control of economic and political power to achieve equal rights by force in necessary. (Malcolm X)

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  1. Battle of the BulgeDecember, 1944-January, 1945 - After recapturing France, the Allied advance became stalled along the German border. In the winter of 1944, Germany staged a massive counterattack in Belgium and Luxembourg which pushed a 30 mile "bulge" into the Allied lines. The Allies stopped the German advance and threw them back across the Rhine with heavy losses.


  2. WatergateA white officer beat a black motorist in LA which caused 6 days of violence and thirty four people to die. Home were burned and the national guard had to be brought in.


  3. Henry KissingerThe main negotiator of the peace treaty with the North Vietnamese; secretary of state during Nixon's presidency (1970s).


  4. Equal Rights AmendmentConstitutional amendment passed by Congress but never ratified that would have banned discrimination on the basis of gender


  5. Zoot-Suit Riots3 day rock concert in upstate N.Y. August 1969, exemplified the counterculture of the late 1960s, nearly 1/2M gather in a 600 acre field


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