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  1. The Civil Rights Act of 1964
  2. Its purpose is to motivate employees, (The purpose of MBO is to motivate rather than control subordinates)
  3. satisficing., (Because most people would just as soon cut short a group meeting, the tendency is to seek a decision that is "good enough" rather than to push on in pursuit of other possible solutions. Satisficing can occur because groups have limited time, lack the right kind of information, or are unable to handle large amounts of information.)
  4. W. Edwards Deming
  5. Achievement, Affiliation, Power
  1. a Which of the following would BEST describe MBO?
  2. b The three needs according to McClelland's Acquired Needs Theory
  3. c This act established the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  4. d The tendency of a group to settle on a decision that is "good enough" is called
  5. e The PDCA cycle was made popular by this quality pioneer.

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  1. ______ represents all the ways people are unlike and alike.
  2. Carla talked with Maddie after their task force meeting, and they discovered that neither of them had been in favor of dropping some items from next year's budget, yet neither spoke up. Both wanted to be supportive of the group instead. This is an example of
  3. This approach to leadership attempts to identify distinctive characteristics that account for the effectiveness of leader
  4. There are three levels of planning. Their order, from first to last, is
  5. ______ skills consist of the job-specific knowledge needed to perform well in a specialized field.

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  1. anchoring and adjustment bias, (Managers will often give their employees a standard percentage raise in salary, even though the raise may be completely out of alignment with what other companies are paying for the same skills. This is an instance of the anchoring and adjustment bias, the tendency to make decisions based on an initial figure.)__________ managers accept that there are differences and similarities between home and foreign personnel and practices and that they should use whatever techniques are most effective.


  2. cultureIn this organizational structure, people with similar job specialties are grouped together


  3. positive reinforcementThis financial statement shows revenues and expenses over time


  4. personally certify financial reports, (Administered by the SEC, SarbOx requires a company's chief executive officer and chief financial officer to personally certify the organization's financial reports, prohibits them from taking personal loans or lines of credit, and makes them reimburse the organization for bonuses and stock options when required by restatement of corporate profits.)Planning is defined as


  5. The BCG matrix, (In general, the BCG matrix suggests that an organization will do better in fast-growing markets in which it has a high market share rather in slow-growing markets in which it has a low market share. These concepts are illustrated in Figure 6.4)Which of the following strategy tools suggests that an organization will do better in fast-growing markets in which it has a high market share rather than in slow-growing markets in which it has a low market share?


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