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  1. functional
  2. bounded rationality., (The bounded rationality concept suggests that the ability of decision makers to be rational is limited by numerous constraints, such as complexity. The problems that need solving are often exceedingly complex, beyond understanding.)
  3. delegating
  4. values, (Values are the relatively permanent and deeply held underlying beliefs and attitudes that help determine a person's behavior, such as the belief that "Fairness means hiring according to ability, not family background.")
  1. a In this organizational structure, people with similar job specialties are grouped together
  2. b Fairness in hiring practices is an example of an organization's
  3. c In the situational leadership model, this leadership style is recommended for employees with the highest levels of readiness.
  4. d Candace and other managers in her firm are trying to make some decisions about global expansion. They are struggling to understand the risks, given the complexity of world markets today and recent global instabilities. The difficulty Candace's team is facing prevents perfectly rational decision making, and is an example of

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  1. Which of the following would BEST describe MBO?
  2. According to Hersey and Blanchard's Situational Leadership Theory, a worker who is unable, unwilling and lacks confidence is at this level of readiness
  3. When analyzing the "O" in SWOT analysis, a manager might take note of
  4. This document describes the minimum qualifications a person must have to perform a job successfully
  5. Standards of right and wrong that influence behavior are known as

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  1. Initiating StructureAccording to the Ohio State studies, leaders with this behavior that organize and define what group members should be doing


  2. Job AnalysisThe degree to which a test measures the same thing consistently is known as its


  3. John Quincy Adams?A ______ manager is responsible for just one organizational activity.


  4. 360 Degree AppraisalIn some companies, employees receive assessments from their manager, peers, subordinates, and customers, while also performing a self assessment. This is known as


  5. utilitarian, (Ethical behavior in the utilitarian approach is guided by what will result in the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Managers often take the utilitarian approach, using financial performance—such as efficiency and profit—as the best definition of what constitutes "the greatest good for the greatest number)Standards of right and wrong that influence behavior are known as


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