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  1. polymers
  2. protien
  3. hydrolysis
  4. functional groups
  5. polypeptide
  1. a breaks down molecules by adding water to them
  2. b A polymer (chain) of many amino acids linked together by peptide bonds.
  3. c long chains of monomers
  4. d polymer made up of amino acid monomers
  5. e determines a molecule's function. is hydrphilic. includes the hodroxl, carboxyl, carbonyl, amino, phosphate groups.

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  1. has a high pH, accepts H(+) ions
  2. idea that all living things are composed of cells, cells are the basic units of structure and function in living things, and new cells are produced from existing cells
  3. polysaccharide consisting of glucose monomers that reinforces plant-cell walls. Tougher than other polysaccharides. for structure
  4. property of a molecule with oppositely charged ends. because of it, water is able to dissolve many different substances
  5. building blocks of polymers

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  1. disaccharideA double sugar, consisting of two monosaccharides joined by dehydration synthesis.


  2. cholesterolnegatively charged particle of an atom


  3. electronneutral particle of an atom


  4. neutronneutral particle of an atom


  5. organic moleculeA molecule that has electrically charged areas.


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