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  1. Falsifiability Example
  2. Self Report Measures
  3. William James
  4. Free Will vs Determinism
  5. Structuralism
  1. a Are we really free to do what we want, or are subconsciously influenced by our environment
  2. b whether or not the soul exists
  3. c Founder of American Psychology
  4. d identifies the basic elements of psychological experience
  5. e surveys given to subjects that they can answer briefly

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  1. Are our behaviors strictly due the nervous system and brain, or are they influenced by a non-material entity like the soul
  2. improvement resulting from the mere expectation of improvement
  3. the variable being manipulated in an experiment
  4. There is a need for more research if several hypothesis produce the same findings
  5. believe behavior evolves in order to survive and thrive

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  1. Testing Method ExampleIQ, ACT, SAT


  2. Extraordinary Claim ExampleLobotomy cures brain disease, BigFoot, Aliens


  3. Replicability exampleIf I think eating chocolate cake before an exam makes people score better, but no one else can duplicate this finding, then it is a skeptical finding


  4. informed consentresearchers must tell participants the basics of the study before they can participate


  5. double blindneither researchers nor participants know who is in what group


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