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  1. Resilience founder
  2. IRB
  3. Mysterians
  4. Falsifiability Example
  5. dispersion
  1. a Institutional Review Board
  2. b whether or not the soul exists
  3. c how tightly or loosely clustered the data set is
  4. d believe that certain deep questions regarding human nature are so difficult that they are beyond our ability to comprehend
  5. e Martin Seligman

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  1. scientific method
  2. the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior
  3. Rosenthal effect
  4. classroom behavior in children
  5. trying to use the brain to understand itself

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  1. Experimenter expectancy effectgroup that receives the manipulation


  2. Free Will vs DeterminismAre we really free to do what we want, or are subconsciously influenced by our environment


  3. Replicability exampleOne person who experience severe depression


  4. Case Studyexamines one particular occurrence in detail


  5. 1st Minority PsychologistFrancis Sumner, 1920


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