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  1. Testing Method Example
  2. Meehl's Maxim
  3. Basic Research
  4. mode
  5. Resilience
  1. a the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior
  2. b IQ, ACT, SAT
  3. c examines how the mind works, study one topic for the sake of learning
  4. d study of people born in terrible conditions, who survive and thrive
  5. e most frequent observation

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  1. the variable being manipulated in an experiment
  2. harm resulting from the mere expectation of harm
  3. Jean Piaget
  4. William Wundt
  5. believe we are motivated by our subconscious motives and instincts

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  1. debriefingresearchers inform subjects of what the study is about


  2. Functionalismbelieve behavior evolves in order to survive and thrive


  3. Pros of Self Report Testeasy, fast


  4. Mysteriansbelieve that certain deep questions regarding human nature are so difficult that they are beyond our ability to comprehend


  5. dispersionwatching and recording what behaviors you see


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