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  1. Correlation
  2. control group
  3. debriefing
  4. Occam's Razor example
  5. Independent variable
  1. a Relationship between naturally occurring variables
  2. b researchers inform subjects of what the study is about
  3. c group that does not receive the manipulation
  4. d the variable being manipulated in an experiment
  5. e If the light doesn't turn on when the switch is flipped, it is probably because the light bulb burned out, not because there is an electric shortage in the wall

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  1. just because two things are related, does not mean that one causes the other
  2. whether or not the soul exists
  3. BF Skinner/ John Watson
  4. IQ, ACT, SAT
  5. the overlap among different causes of behavior

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  1. meanaverage of all numbers in data set


  2. experimental groupgroup that receives the manipulation


  3. internal validityhow much control over variables there is in an experiment


  4. Nature vs Nurturestudy of people born in terrible conditions, who survive and thrive


  5. Methods of Data CollectionObservation, Case Study, Self Report, Testing Method


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