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  1. Pros of Self Report Test
  2. Case Study
  3. IRB
  4. Mysterians
  5. central tendency
  1. a believe that certain deep questions regarding human nature are so difficult that they are beyond our ability to comprehend
  2. b Institutional Review Board
  3. c examines one particular occurrence in detail
  4. d easy, fast
  5. e where the group of data clusters

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  1. Lobotomy cures brain disease, BigFoot, Aliens
  2. Survey about cereal preference
  3. BF Skinner/ John Watson
  4. believe we are motivated by our subconscious motives and instincts
  5. consistency of measurement

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  1. random assignmentevery person in the population has an equal chance of being chosen to participate


  2. medianaverage of all numbers in data set


  3. Self Report Measuressurveys given to subjects that they can answer briefly


  4. Structuralism founderWilliam Wundt


  5. confounding variableany difference between the experimental and control group other than the independent variable


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