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  1. Multicollinearity
  2. Reflexivity
  3. Observation Example
  4. experimenter expectancy effect is also known as _______
  5. Dependent variable
  1. a trying to use the brain to understand itself
  2. b the overlap among different causes of behavior
  3. c the variable being measured
  4. d Rosenthal effect
  5. e classroom behavior in children

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  1. surveys given to subjects that they can answer briefly
  2. Lobotomy cures brain disease, BigFoot, Aliens
  3. every person in the population has an equal chance of being chosen to participate
  4. If the light doesn't turn on when the switch is flipped, it is probably because the light bulb burned out, not because there is an electric shortage in the wall
  5. believe that certain deep questions regarding human nature are so difficult that they are beyond our ability to comprehend

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  1. Self Report Method ExampleIQ, ACT, SAT


  2. Correlation vs Causation exampleResults showing that people who exercise score better on exams could also be due to the fact that these people study while they walk on the treadmill


  3. Cognition FounderJean Piaget


  4. Falsifiability Examplewhether or not the soul exists


  5. Resilience founderCharles Darwin


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