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  1. Pros of Self Report Test
  2. Occam's Razor example
  3. experimenter expectancy effect is also known as _______
  4. Self Report Method Example
  5. Scientific Method
  1. a Rosenthal effect
  2. b State problem, Form hypothesis, Collect data, Analyze Data, Conclusion
  3. c Survey about cereal preference
  4. d If the light doesn't turn on when the switch is flipped, it is probably because the light bulb burned out, not because there is an electric shortage in the wall
  5. e easy, fast

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  1. There is a need for more research if several hypothesis produce the same findings
  2. researchers unintentionally bias the outcome of the study, based on their hypothesis
  3. If I think eating chocolate cake before an exam makes people score better, but no one else can duplicate this finding, then it is a skeptical finding
  4. study of people born in terrible conditions, who survive and thrive
  5. BF Skinner/ John Watson

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  1. debriefingdifference between the highest and lowest scores


  2. Extraordinary Claim Examplethe more a claim contradicts what we already know, the more persuasive evidence for this claim is needed before it is accepted


  3. experimental groupgroup that receives the manipulation


  4. internal validityhow much the experiment imitates the real world


  5. Case Study Exampleclassroom behavior in children


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