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  1. Cognition
  2. Hawthorne Effect
  3. Functionalism
  4. Observation Example
  5. reliability
  1. a believe behavior evolves in order to survive and thrive
  2. b also known as reactivity
  3. c classroom behavior in children
  4. d consistency of measurement
  5. e believe our thinking influences our behavior, focuses on mental processes

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  1. the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior
  2. difference between the highest and lowest scores
  3. If one dog food enhances performance in a dog race, we should do more research to be sure the results aren't due to better training
  4. neither researchers nor participants know who is in what group
  5. Relationship between naturally occurring variables

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  1. Resiliencestudy of people born in terrible conditions, who survive and thrive


  2. experimental groupgroup that does not receive the manipulation


  3. Observationwatching and recording what behaviors you see


  4. Methods of Data Collectioneasy, fast


  5. meanmiddle score in data set


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