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  1. List the components of thymic cortex
  2. Granzymes
  3. The components of C3 convertase
  4. Neutralization by Ig's
  5. Li chain
  1. a Are serine esterases present in the granules of a cytotoxic t cells and NK cells. On entering the cytosole of the target cell granzymes induce apoptosis of the target.
  2. b involves the Ig binding tightly to the pathogen to prevent interaction with it receptor on humans. The Ig's crosslink pathogens. The neutralized pathogen once bound is phagocytosed.
  3. c Are proteolytic enzymes that are formed during complement activation to cleave C3 → In classical C4B and C2a. Alternative C3b and Bb, there by enabling covalently binding to antigens for targeting.
  4. d Immature CD3,4,8 double positive thymocytes, Cortical epithelial cells, Negative selection for self reactive cells are eliminated.
  5. e Light chain the smaller of the two types of polypeptide chains that make up Ig. Molecule one constant region and one variable region.

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  1. The increase in affinity of the antigen-binding sites of antibodies for antigen that occurs during the course of an adaptive immune response. Is a result of somatic hypermutation in the Ig.
  2. Proliferation of antigen triggered effector T-cells creating memory T-cells
    Clonal expansion of activated B-cells leading to differentiation of progeny into antibody secreting plasma cells.
  3. Found in the cytosol used to degrade cytosolic proteins. LMP gene encodes them is found in the MHC2 coding region. Two types, Proteasome 26s and 20s. They Contain a19s cap that prevents the entry of non-tagged proteins. Both 20s or 26s proteasomes can operate independently of the 19s cap
  4. In Type II hypersensitivity, binding of a specific antibody directly to an antigen on the surface of a cell damages that cell either by cytolysis via the complement pathway or by destruction of cells by phagocytosis mediated by receptors for Fc or C3b.
  5. The first stage in type 1 allergic response. Allergen in exposed to person. Processed and presented to t-cells. Il's produced which act on b-cells to produce IgE activating mast cells.

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  1. CentroblastNK cells are a subset of leucocytes capable of recognizing cell surface changes on virally-infected cells. NK cells bind to such infected cells and kill them. Also sometimes effective against transformed (tumor) cells.


  2. IL4Cytokine secreted by TH1-cells to initiate proliferation and clonal expansion of B-cells.


  3. HaplotypeNatural variants of a protein that are encoded by the alleles of a given gene.


  4. AllotypeNatural variants of a protein that are encoded by the alleles of a given gene.


  5. B7Are co-stimulatory molecules induced by the breakdown of bacteria by macrophages or other APC's. Are expressed on APC's surface it interacts with the CD28 receptor on t-cells for t cell recognition


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