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Immuno Define. 2012 Test

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  1. CD40
  2. The components of C3 convertase
  3. Main function of armed TH2 cells
  4. Haplotype
  5. Alloreactivity
  1. a Are proteolytic enzymes that are formed during complement activation to cleave C3 → In classical C4B and C2a. Alternative C3b and Bb, there by enabling covalently binding to antigens for targeting.
  2. b Drive b-cells to differentiate and produce immunoglobulins of all other types. Also responsible for initiating B-cell responses by activating naïve B-cells to proliferate and secrete IgM. Leads to Humoral immunity.
  3. c Co-stimulator expressed on macrophages. Binds to CD40 ligand on TH1 cells to activate macrophage to destroy intracellular contents.
  4. d The set of alleles carried on carried on a single chromosome. A person's haplotype is responsible for encoding MHC proteins.
  5. e The recognition of non self MHC molecules by T-cells.

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  1. Lymphoid progenitor cells are the source of all Lymphocytes, they differentiate into T-cell, B-cells NK cells
    Myeloid progenitor cells are the source of all other WBC, they become neutrophil, basophil, eosinophil, dendritic, macrophage, mast cells.
  2. 4 domain co-receptor expressed on the cytokine secreting TH1 cells, contains the binding site for MHC2 on activated antigen presenting B-cells and macrophages.
  3. The first stage in type 1 allergic response. Allergen in exposed to person. Processed and presented to t-cells. Il's produced which act on b-cells to produce IgE activating mast cells.
  4. In Type II hypersensitivity, binding of a specific antibody directly to an antigen on the surface of a cell damages that cell either by cytolysis via the complement pathway or by destruction of cells by phagocytosis mediated by receptors for Fc or C3b.
  5. Are serine esterases present in the granules of a cytotoxic t cells and NK cells. On entering the cytosole of the target cell granzymes induce apoptosis of the target.

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  1. EpitopeThe classes of an immunoglobulins.


  2. Components of C1 and their function areClassical - C5 combines with C2a, C3b and C4b complex then activated (splits) into C5a and C5b
    Alternative - binds with the Bb and 2 C3b complex then is activated into C5a and C5b


  3. Function of APC cellsAre APC's. Involved in mediation of negative selection of T-cells, presenting processed epitopes via MHC ½, activation of naïve T-cells


  4. CDRCell surface glycoprotein on T-cells that recognizes MHC1 on APC's


  5. IsotypeThe classes of an immunoglobulins.


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