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  1. using participants as their own controls
  2. experimental design
  3. instrumentation:
  4. population generalizability
  5. ecological generalizability
  1. a consistency and reliability
  2. b This often occurs in single-subject experimental design or some pretest-posttest designs. This option provides high internal validity because participants serve as their own controls.
  3. c the degree to which results of a study can be applied to to other settings or conditions
  4. d can be used to make cause-effect determinations
  5. e The degree to which results of a study can be applied to other settings or conditions

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  1. look at the degree and direction of the relationship between variables
  2. a statistical procedure for examining the results of several research studies on the same topic and determining the congruence and divergence of outcome data
  3. refer to the potential for a treatment protocol to have an effect based on the characteristics of the participant rather than those of the group as a whole
  4. double blind study
  5. omitting extreme scores, randomization

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  1. content-related evidenceincludes a variety of different types of evidence supporting the characteristic being measured. Three common ways to measure construct-related validity include using a clearly defined variable, hypotheses based on theory to explain the variable, and logical and empirically tested hypotheses.


  2. external validitygeneralizability


  3. quasi-experimental designdoes not use random assignment as a means of control


  4. control of procedurehow the experiment is implemented


  5. randomizationor random sampling, is the process of drawing a research sample in which each member of a population has an equal chance ob being selected


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