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  1. criterion-related evidence
  2. descriptive studies
  3. nonexperimental design
  4. control of procedure
  5. history:
  1. a random selection, random assignment
  2. b describe an existing phenomenon by using members to characterize individuals or groups
  3. c used to describe participant characteristics or behaviors and do not involve the application of any treatment to participants
  4. d is used to determine validity by comparing the instrument used in the study with another instrument or form of assessment presumed to measure the same variable. Two forms of criterion-related validity are predictive and concurrent.
  5. e how the experiment is implemented

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  1. used to investigate the relationship among two or more variables without attempting to manipulate them
  2. or random sampling, is the process of drawing a research sample in which each member of a population has an equal chance ob being selected
  3. observe and describe some current condition; but, rather than introduce treatments, researchers look to the past to try to identify possible cause
  4. includes the same sample of individuals surveyed at different times
  5. look at the degree and direction of the relationship between variables

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  1. placebo control groupsparticipants are given a treatment unrelated to the real treatment


  2. interviewquestions are asked in person


  3. meta-analysisparticipant matching and omission


  4. population generalizabilitythe degree to which results of a study can be applied to to other settings or conditions


  5. random errorunpredictable fluctuations in instruments, participants, or conditions


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