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  1. external validity
  2. content-related evidence
  3. criterion-related evidence
  4. quasi-experimental design
  5. statistical regression
  1. a asks the question of whether the instruments and the sample accurately represent the variable under study. A researcher would ask whether the questions used in the instrument adequately assess the variable under study. To ensure content-related validity, researchers should look over the content and format of the instrument to be used
  2. b does not use random assignment as a means of control
  3. c is used to determine validity by comparing the instrument used in the study with another instrument or form of assessment presumed to measure the same variable. Two forms of criterion-related validity are predictive and concurrent.
  4. d generalizability
  5. e omitting extreme scores, randomization

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  1. includes a variety of different types of evidence supporting the characteristic being measured. Three common ways to measure construct-related validity include using a clearly defined variable, hypotheses based on theory to explain the variable, and logical and empirically tested hypotheses.
  2. this tests the main and interaction effects of categorical variables on a continuous dependent variable, controlling for the effects of selected other continuous variables that covary with the dependent variable
  3. The degree to which results of a study can be applied to other settings or conditions
  4. random selection, random assignment
  5. look at the degree and direction of the relationship between variables

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  1. interviewquestions are asked in person


  2. nonexperimental designcan be used to make cause-effect determinations


  3. matchingcontrol group


  4. random errorunpredictable fluctuations in instruments, participants, or conditions


  5. experimenter biasdouble blind study


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