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  1. Reasons for head tilt/chin lift
  2. checking an adult or child for non-life-threatening conditions
  3. Adult CPR
  4. adult if no signals of breathing
  5. Infant/ child rescue breathing
  1. a 1 breath every 3 seconds recheck at 2mins
  2. b to open the airway just far enough to let breaths go in
  3. c 1. Interview the victim and bystanders 2. check the victim from head to toe
  4. d 2 rescue breaths
  5. e 2 hands in center of chest - compression 1 1/2 -2inches -1sec per breath and chest rises - 30 compressions 2 breaths

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  1. Early recognition, early CPR, early defibrillation, early advanced medical care
  2. 5 back blows with 5 abdominal thrusts
  3. 1. recognize that an emergency exists 2. decide to act 3. take action by calling 911 4. giving care until help arrives
  4. 1 second
  5. open the airway, look, listen and feel for air

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  1. Consent from who1. who you are 2. your level of training 3. the care you would like to give


  2. Bystanders Helpcall 911, meet and direct traffic, help give first aid, send for supplies, information about situation


  3. Check for consciousnessopen the airway, look, listen and feel for air


  4. Call 911 when alone 2ndCardiac emergencies 1. an unconscious adult victim 2. witnessed collapse of child or infant 3. infant or child with heart problems


  5. conscious choking - infantgive 5 back-blows with the infant sandwiched between forearms, turnover and give 5 chest thrusts


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