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  1. embark
  2. dearth
  3. chivalrous
  4. explicit
  5. assent
  1. a to go aboard; to make a start; to invest
  2. b a lack, scarcity, inadequate supply; a famine
  3. c to express agreement; agreement
  4. d marked by honor, courtesy, and courage; knightly
  5. e definite, clearly stated

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  1. fierce and cruel; aggressive; deadly, destructive; scathingly harsh
  2. to regard highly; a highly favorable opinion or judgment
  3. suggesting an incongruity between what might be expected and what actually happens; given to irony; sarcastic
  4. unselfish, concerned with the welfare of others
  5. forceful, convincing; relevant, to the point

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  1. clemencymercy, humaneness, mildness, moderateness


  2. premeditatedconsidered beforehand, deliberately planned


  3. venaleasily excused; pardonable


  4. scrupulousexact, careful, attending thoroughly to details; having high moral standards, principled


  5. compriserashness, boldness


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