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  1. suppress
  2. diffident
  3. skulk
  4. benefactor
  5. altruistic
  1. a unselfish, concerned with the welfare of others
  2. b to stop by force, put down
  3. c one who does good to others
  4. d shy, lacking self-confidence; modest, reserved
  5. e to move about stealthily; to lie in hiding

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  1. to erase, obliterate, destroy
  2. to walk heavily or slowly; to work slowly
  3. rashness, boldness
  4. causing a sharp sensation; stinging, biting
  5. to tear up by the roots; to destroy totally

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  1. officiousmeddling; excessively forward in offering services or assuming authority


  2. clemencymercy, humaneness, mildness, moderateness


  3. unfeignedcausing a sharp sensation; stinging, biting


  4. accedeto yield to; to assume an office or dignity


  5. deftskillful, nimble


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