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  1. assimilate
  2. bravado
  3. brandish
  4. toothless
  5. irrepressible
  1. a (v) to shake or wave
  2. b (v) integrate into a larger group
  3. c (adj) not capable of being restrained; uncontrollable
  4. d (adj) lacking force or effectiveness
  5. e (n) boldness intended to impress or intimidate

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  1. (v) to criticize or reprimand someone sharply
  2. (adj) sniffling, whining, complaining
  3. (adj) done in a way that is intended to escape notice
  4. (v) to show, to express, or direct through movement
  5. (v) hum continuously with a low sound

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  1. ignominious(adj) appearing to be true but really false


  2. purge(adj) done in a way that is intended to escape notice


  3. unintelligible(adj) incapable of being understood


  4. contemptuous(adj) dishonorable, disgraceful, shameful


  5. quaver(v) to tremble; to speak in a trembling voice


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