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  1. bravado
  2. irrepressible
  3. sniveling
  4. ceaseless
  5. pinnacle
  1. a (n) the highest or topmost point or level of something
  2. b (adj) sniffling, whining, complaining
  3. c (adj) not capable of being restrained; uncontrollable
  4. d (n) boldness intended to impress or intimidate
  5. e (adj) without interruption; not stopping

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  1. (n) lack of feeling or emotion
  2. (v) to travel over
  3. (v) hum continuously with a low sound
  4. (adj) impossible to understand
  5. (v) to wake someone up, to produce an emotion or feeling in someone

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  1. unintelligible(adj) incapable of being understood


  2. bristle(v) hum continuously with a low sound


  3. exploit(v) to explain in detail


  4. quaver(v) to tremble; to speak in a trembling voice


  5. tacit(adj) understood or implied without being stated openly; unspoken


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