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  1. incredulous
  2. indignant
  3. myopia
  4. disillusioned
  5. lavish
  1. a (adj) angry because of the unfairness of somebody or something
  2. b (adj) skeptical, disbelieving
  3. c (adj) abundant or excessive
  4. d (adj) disappointed (that something is not as good as previously thought)
  5. e (n) nearsightedness; lack of foresight; close-mindedness

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. (v) to be angry or offended about something
  2. (adj) impossible to understand
  3. (v) integrate into a larger group
  4. (adj) without interruption; not stopping
  5. (adj) intimidating, difficult

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  1. brandish(adj) abundant or excessive


  2. unintelligible(adj) incapable of being understood


  3. expound(v) to explain in detail


  4. apathy(adj) understood or implied without being stated openly; unspoken


  5. contrite(v) to keep company


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