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  1. apathy
  2. rouse
  3. fervor
  4. unintelligible
  5. traverse
  1. a (v) to wake someone up, to produce an emotion or feeling in someone
  2. b (n) lack of feeling or emotion
  3. c (n) extreme intensity of emotion or belief
  4. d (v) to travel over
  5. e (adj) incapable of being understood

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  1. (adj) dishonorable, disgraceful, shameful
  2. (v) to look at angrily
  3. (adj) unyielding, stubborn
  4. (adj) strange, unusual
  5. (v) to clean, to free (of)

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  1. contrite(v) to keep company


  2. lavish(adj) abundant or excessive


  3. assimilate(v) integrate into a larger group


  4. furtive(v) to clean, to free (of)


  5. daunting(adj) done in a way that is intended to escape notice


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