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  1. exploit
  2. incredulous
  3. ceaseless
  4. myopia
  5. cower
  1. a (v) to cringe in fear
  2. b (n) nearsightedness; lack of foresight; close-mindedness
  3. c (adj) skeptical, disbelieving
  4. d (adj) without interruption; not stopping
  5. e (v) to make productive use of

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  1. (adj) lacking force or effectiveness
  2. (adj) understood or implied without being stated openly; unspoken
  3. (n) a violent or noisy commotion
  4. (v) to mover or act stupidly (n) a mistake
  5. (n) extreme intensity of emotion or belief

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  1. bristle(v) to be angry or offended about something


  2. ignominious(adj) expressing extreme dislike or disrespect


  3. disillusioned(v) hum continuously with a low sound


  4. sniveling(adj) sniffling, whining, complaining


  5. expound(v) to make productive use of


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